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Hide other Players Backpacks

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I would like the HuD only to show your own backpacks location instead of everyone's that died. 

You can't pick up theirs anyway - so this only adds to visual noise and makes it confusing to know which back pack is yours.


There are also people who choose not to pick up their backpacks leaving a permenntant collection of backpacks on your screen in multiplayer.

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I have not experienced this as a solo player, however, I can easily imagine the frustration this would cause - especially if players intentionally don't retrieve their backpacks. Alternatively, just make the backpacks despawn after a couple of hours.

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Absolutely needs to be a setting toggle.

That way you can remove the HUD marker if needed, but still be able to turn it on if a friend you are playing with needs assistance recovering it and you can move to it to defend.

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