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1 hour ago, Gorth said:

I'm not really sure how this is relevant... to anything? ūü§Ē


You saying it's Ok for politicians to be above the law and break it when they feel like partying on the tax payers dollar?

Or not?

And knowingly lie about it, trying to deceive said tax payers?

His party colleagues may not be concerned at all about the ethics involved, but have some real concern about how it affects marginal seats in coming local and nationwide elections. The voters will punish the party as they see fit in coming elections, but...

Would the conservative members be right in doing what is best for Boris or the best for the covid conservative party?


edit: For comparison, an ordinary Australian doing the same stunt as Boris can (or could in 2020 & 2021) face up to 6 months behind bars and a $13000 fine, which is for many people like a fifth of their gross annual income. No, not feeling sorry for politicians being held accountable for criminal behaviour.


Yes I think we may be debating different points, I will make the same point again but I need to clarify what you are concerned about 

This is about the  specific events that colloquially is known as Partygate and in summary the media feeding frenzy and outrage is about " a party\parties that occurred in Downing street that Johnson was part of and yet UK citizens were told you cant party because of lockdown regulations " 

What exactly are you critical about, is about the parties that were held in Downing Street or the allegation that he lied?

So would you be fine if he had admitted " yes we had parties in Downing Street " ?

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3 minutes ago, Amentep said:

new thread ahoy...

Oh no!

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2 minutes ago, KP wants Blue Velvet said:

Oh no!


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