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The Most UNDERRATED Fallout Game Ever

The Wet Chef

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Hurlshort said,

Arcanum is the most underrated Fallout game.

I told something similar to this to Maxx Kaufman (of InXile) in person, in Zots Cafe, and I don't think he and the others there appreciated it at all.
Specifically (IRRC) I said this of Wasteland 2, being the best Fallout game I'd seen since Fallout 2.  I don't think that they understood the gist of the sentiment, nor the high level of compliment.

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am not sure what makes a game underrated in the fallout context. as noted in the video, the reviews for fo:nv were actual good save for a few dreadful outliers, only two metacritic points lower than fallout 2 for perspective.  the commentator waxes rhapsodic 'bout the original games and the "critical praise" they garnered. again, there two metacritic points difference 'tween fo2 and fo:nv.


am gonna suggest fo:t is the most underrated game and not 'cause o' bad reviews but 'cause o' the vicious response from the hardcore fanbase. fo:t was, as it were advertised, a squad-based tactical combat game.

no mutants allowed folks went apesh!te over hairy death claws and the reaver dance encounter.

yeah, hardcore fallout purists were no less indignant 'bout fo 3, but fo:t were meant to appeal to the nma and codex folks. fo:t were not getting love from a new and different generation o' fo fans such as fo3 enjoyed.

fo:t were not a perfect game, but the first 2/3 or 3/4 were an excellent turn-based tactical combat game and did not deserve the savage response it suffered from the fallout faithful.

HA! Good Fun!


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