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Who else thinks that adding a beastiary would be cool. you could document all the different enemies (journal entries would be added once you kill the insect them for the first time and entries for creatures like the koi fish would be found in labs), and each journal entry could have a brief description of the insect as well as what environments it prefers and maybe once you kill enough of the same insect, the entry would update to add weaknesses (for example, if you kill 3 soldier ants, the entry would update to say that soldier ants will be neutral if you are wearing full ant armor). what do you guys think?

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Include a breakdown of the items from them specifically to the bug I question


Ant soldier:text description of ant soldier

Ant mandible: large mandibles for cleaving prey are latching on to larger threats so they can administer their sting

Acid Gland: The ant version of this gland is filled with formic acid. Being related to wasp and bees this is injected to deter larger threats are dispatch smaller ones

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I think this is especially relevant now that each creature is differentially susceptible to different weapons + the fresh/spicy/salty variations. It would be very helpful if the dev can implement a system like that in Persona, documenting the effectiveness of the kinds of attacks once you try it on each creature.

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