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I did a shaman that was a corpse-eater and skaen. it was... alright. wael is probably a better choice, i just wanted to do something different. (edit: i would also not pick corpse-eater in the future. it's alright, but adds to the action economy issues when i'm busy eating corpses)


i would recommend against magran mostly because the action economy is not great with barbarian - if yo uactually want to carnage it up, the more the game goes on the more spells you'll be casting and the fewer actual weapon attacks you'll be making. another reason why wael [to a lesser extent skaen] is good choice - fast spells.


3 hours ago, Ranndar said:

And can someone explain me how does the Woedica writs works? How useful are they?

writs are great, but if you're thinking about a barbarian the most useful one early on for a MC is easily taken care of by a barbarian - the lack of engagement writ is very good for survivability/mobility, but a barbarian can get spirit frenzy which will stagger everything very easily which also does the same thing (procs off carnage and any other ability, including priest spells; don't upgrade to spirit tornado which breaks this unintentional stagger-happy spreading).

Writ of War and Sorcery are pretty good late game MC woedica effects. Frightened are ineffective in shutting down enemy abilities that can still be extremely annoying (wizard summons, arcane reflection, priest/druid buffs, lay on hands) and these give you ways to shut them down. There will still be some abilities that can get through though.

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