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Okay, ignoring any 'numbers of dialogue checks', martial classes I generally find far more appealing than vancian and such.

I played the 34 most interesting ones (Monk, Rogue, Paladin and Ranger) up to Caed Nua (thank god I am unemployed and got the free time for that), and I am set on a Ranger for my first full run.

For my test run (I will switch race from Aumaua to Boreal Dwarf - so, 1 more restart) I had the following spread 

MIG 16
CON 08
DEX 16
PER 18
INT 14
RES 06

and the wolf AC, which died in all big fights...

Is the spread good? Or should I change something major?

I would plan to use guns (not decided on whether I want Ruffian or Soldier guns), unless they are far inferior to bows on a ranger?

Started with Wolf now. Did I screw myself there? Other threads tell me not... But maybe something changed..?

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You can even go 3 con 3 res, because if you play in a party, you will only attack from range anyway. Wood Elf would be better for Ranger, but it isn't a huge issue.

Guns become definitely worse after you get twin arrows (lvl 13) with ranger, that does obviously only work with hunting bow / war bow. There is a pretty good bow in Paths of od nua lvl 4.

The pet will die pretty quickly if you don't micromanage it. It's not for tanking and Wolf is a good pick for the most dps out of the pets.

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Like baldurs_gate_2 said, Guns are indeed inferior to bows on a Ranger in PoE - for different reasons (mostly Twinned Arrows being better than Powder Burns). 

The best single target ranged weapon is the hunting bow Persistence (especially with high MIG because the wounding lash scales with it). Other bows like Stormcaller and The Rain of Godagh Field are also very good.

Persistence is also great because you can get it very early (and don't even have to make a beeline for it, it's the one baldurs_gate_2 meant in the Endless Paths of Od Nua lvl4). Its wounding DoT unlocks your Animal Companion's Predator's Sense at all times (if you both attack the same enemy) which can be very convenient. 

Brutal Takedown only has to overcome 1/4th of enemies' DR (most fixed dmg abilities have than - like Iconic Projection, too) which makes it a good additional dmg tool for your wolf. Since the Animal Companions' base (!) dmg scales with level all dmg bonuses (like Predator's Sense) work very well with it. Adding DR-bypassing dmg on top of it via Brutal Takedown lets you crack open tough nuts like Animats etc. like they don't even wear armor (kind of).

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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