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This is my first post here, so, please advise if this is not the right place or content to share.

I decided to role a wild orlan shifter. I'm having fun playing her as a sort of "feral" heroine learning to adapt to civilized society by applying lessons learned from life in the Living Lands, where subterfuge, brute force, and cleverness ensure survival of the fittest. As a result she leans heavily towards aggression, cleverness, and shadiness in conversations - whatever is needed to accomplish a goal or survive. Her shifting abilities originated as a survival strategy, whether it was for battle, blending in with the wildlife, or to perform physical feats otherwise impossible in a tiny orlan body. 

Needless to say I was disappointed that THIS was what my Galawain-inspired badass looked like when it came to battle:




Are there any mods or suggestions to make my feral heroine a little more... terrifying? I mean the boar is bigger than the bear, people. Thanks so much for any assistance.


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Rofl... I never realized that Orlans had smaller Spiritshift forms. Do Aumaua have bigger Spiritshift forms then as well? It becomes obvious that I don't use Spiritshift that much I guess. ;)

If you are not on a gaming console I guess a small mod could do the trick?

I browsed through the abilities- and statuseffect.gamedatabundle files but couldn't immediately find a value that directly determines the size of the new model (in this case the bear form of the shifter). Maybe somebody else with more shifter modding experience is better suited to this. @Harpagornisfor example?  


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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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x3 Size multiplier



x1.5 Size multiplier




🐗💨💨💨     💪🐻

Download: Orlan Bear Spiritshift Scale Fix.zip

This increases your size when spritshifted by 50% (see the lower image), should only apply to Orlans.
You can change the size multiplier by editing the following line in statuseffects.gamedatabundle:
"BaseValue": 1.5,

This only fixes the (non-Shifter) bear form, is that ok or would you like all me to include forms?

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1 hour ago, Progressivepinko said:

If possible all forms would be great.

Ops nevermind, I accidentally already included all forms.

1 hour ago, Progressivepinko said:

Also, this type of modding is new to me - what is the filepath for your mod?

Mods go into your override folder, which is located here:

.../Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override

(You might have to create the override folder if it does not already exist.)

After extracting the .zip file, it should look like this:

.../Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/Orlan Bear Spiritshift Scale Fix



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