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Played a couple hours, already out of bugs to hunt and starving to death

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I'm playing with my son. We can't find bugs to hunt or any dewdrops, either. Mushrooms never regrow. There is nothing to do but venture farther out into more dangerous areas and hope you find enough meat to offset the sickness from drinking dirty water. We've reached a point where it's basically game over.

I googled "grounded bug respawn rates," and I guess there are problems with other insects filling up the population cap? We found a tunnel with a couple of mites outside. Maybe the inside is full of them, and that's why we're starving?

I'm just surprised that as far along as this game is, even in early access, it's so fast and easy to reach a point where it is unplayable unless you search the internet for solutions. It would never occur to me to seek an underground cavern and stab everything in sight to free up the mob cap, if indeed that would even work. Bugs should just... respawn.

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Single player/ PC/Mild

Haven't started a new game for a while now, so it's hard to say what changes the Obsidian team have

incorporated into the re-spawn mechanics this time around. Remember always finding gnats at dawn

and dusk hovering over pools of water near the ground. Some would show up for breakfast and dinner,

without fail, every day. Water, however, was always a problem......until you make a dew catcher. Spent

most of my day searching for gleaming dewdrops at the very, tippy top of the tallest blade of grass in

fields of grass and clover. Ah.....those were the days. :) 

A few suggestions:

-Check to see if you are playing on Hard or Mild. The hunger and thirst meters are way


-Make a dew catcher as soon as possible. Whatever it takes. Life will be ever so much easier. 

-Unless you need their little puffs for making arrows, leave the mites alone. They are aggressive little

 brats and do not drop meat.

-Acorns. Find the oak tree, make a hammer, and....whack....food and shells. Best food source in

 the game......as far as I have experienced. Fills the food bar quickly. Better than mushrooms.

 Keep a look out for spiders, though. Always.

You might also find gnats hovering about.....usually at dusk and dawn.....over small pool of water.

-Lastly, make a mushroom plot. It spawns 4 mushrooms overnight. 

Hope this helps. Have fun. :)



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I started a new game few weeks ago and I found it was very challenging starting out again.  Even on mild setting.  Very slow with being able to get proper weapons and armor and then having the right items to repair your weapons as they drain fast.   I agree the acorns are the best quick food.   Definitely make Jerky racks and dew catcher when you can.    Near the oak tree there are two lights that come on at night.  Harvest your gnats there and you can have jerky for days.    Don’t sleep unless you have to.  That just drains your hunger and thirst more.  

Don’t give up yet... this game is fun once you get yourself setup.   They are still working the bugs out and always adding new things.   The last update I noticed the spider spawn rate doubled.  I’m hoping this will get reduced as to me all it does is make people avoid that part of the yard.   

good luck 😁

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^^^ All good points. I feel like armor items get damaged much too quickly. Especially the Weevil gas mask. It makes the haze zone hard to navigate carefully because your gas mask is taking constant damage. I'm still on the fence about changing the armor repair to require original components. I think it was a good idea mostly, but I feel that some of the requirement amounts are a little imbalanced. Overall, I feel that the latest updates are adding quality features, but I feel like the overall game balance has been negatively affected.  

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