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Crow Feathers?

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 Has anyone seen any crow feathers since the new update? I've been playing all

week and not a single feather to be found. I did the rounds two or three times, 

but still no luck. Have they moved to other locations? Or are they reorganizing the spawn level/system

and haven't finished the process yet? Running low on arrows and want to build another bed. Thanks

for anyone's help. :) Have.....fun.


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I've found one so far, but I have only explored the western side of the grasslands, the haze, and I'm currently building a base on the pond. 

I definitely think that they should give us more than 2 arrows for a giant crow feather though.

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Thanks everyone......I'll keep searching and let you know if I find any. Every time that crow lands somewhere, I go charging across the yard and look....But nothing so far. Pleading with an animated feathered critter is so undignified. "Drop one......just one.....please......pretty please. :) 

De spawning the feathers? Reducing the drop rate?

Ah.....guess I'll save my arrows, put up my bow and call it a day. No sense running around searching the entire yard for only one feather

at a time. Think I'll just chill out by the lily pad and down a smoothie. Not to panic. Obsidian will figure it out soon enough.  Have fun everyone....:) 



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Just found four (!!!) feathers near the bird bath 😃
Some where hardly reachable up in the hedge or on branches.

Haven't seen the Crow because I was hunting spiders in the hedge so i don't know if it just sit there and dropped some.

Good luck!

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               (AND for the rest of us still searching for feathers.)

Week one:  -slow realization that feathers were no longer dropping at their usually delivery areas

                   -beginning to consciously search for them where and when the crow landed

                  -looking in other areas (reported sightings from helpful player feedback. (Thank you.)

Results:    one feather (on the ground a bit further away from the birdbath than usual) Hmmm.....so they do still exist.

Week two:

                 -settled in near the birdbath for observation

                -remodeled small base while I waited (and waited.....and.....)

                -gathered resources in the neighborhood (Still waiting.....)

Results:  -crow arrived twice in one day/evening (no feathers)

               -came back the last day and dropped one feather and flew off

               -saw it land at the base of the birdbath

               -zip line down to the ground and searched for it

               -it had vanished/disappeared and/or melted into the ground? Hmmm........this may be the problem.

Week three:

              -built an observation tower on the stone wall/cliff and a new zip line to the birdbath bowl (lower level)

              -started taking notes on re-spawn rate of resources and critters in the area

              -continue observation of our contrary feathered friend (routine and feather watch)


             -Resources start re-spawning (on average) every third day. Spiders can re-spawn overnight (one), then 

               increase daily. Berries can come back in a day or two. Mushrooms take longer. Mosquitos.....Ugg! Need a bug spray repellent!

                                        So....if it can attack you.....it's back sooner than you like. :) 

             -Crow lands and returns (sometime morning/evening in the same day) with a three to four day absence. 

            -Feathers usually drop when the crow is landing or taking off

             -one feather disappeared/vaporized without cause before it could land over the berry bush (on top/far right edge)

             -one feather fell towards the small branch near where the crow had taken off and vaporized (right in my line of sight) just as it touched down.

             -on the last day (blurry eyed, sleep deprived, overworked and frustrated) I looked up at the crow-fluffing-unreachable-tail feathers 

              above me and fired five arrows straight where the sun-don't-shine. Squawk! Off he/she flew. And one lone feather fluttered down 

              and landed (unscathed and perfect) into the lower birdbath.   Lost 4 arrows.......but it was....so.....worth it. :)   


               -Three weeks/five feathers dropped in one specific area.  (I may have missed a few while building, but I sincerely doubt it. I usually 

                 stopped everything when (THUD!) the crow landed. And I was working right across from the birdbath.)

               -Three feathers vaporized immediately when landing or just before

               -Two feather were successfully harvested

Obsidian, we have a problem. I can understand reducing the drop rate so we are not tripping over feathers on-mass in a few areas. Even a balanced 

de-spawn rate is acceptable. However, since the update, both the drop rate and the de-spawn timer have been out of balanced to the extreme.  

I realized you have other tweaks and patches coming our way. Hope this is on your list. Thanks. :)  Still having fun. 














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