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Hello friends.

I played some hours with my “DK” build and still isn’t what I want.

Now I am thinking about try a Barbarian mutli, what would be a good option? I really like the idea of combine a melee with a caster, maybe something like a WoW Shaman, dual wield with some elemental spells. Barbarian/Druid is viable? Or with mage will have better synergy?

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All combinations are viable in a party, however if you look for a tank with good dps it's not the best choice. Steel garrote/ blood mage is maybe the strongest combo in the game. You have the best tank with unlimited magic and the possibilities are endless. The melee part can become also very strong with Draining Touch trick or Spirit Lance (if you want melee AoE). 

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24 minutes ago, Not So Clever Hound said:

Frenzy is nice with spellcasting, Barb + Druid or Barb + Mage are sweet combinations. In particular, Fury + Furyshaper could fit thematically very well with what you're looking for, but you shouldn't be spending your time in melee.

Yes, I was looking and Fury/Berserker can beba good elemental Shaman like

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Barbarian/Bloodmage with Draining Touch trick + Kapana Taga (+Club modal) + Reckless Brigandine and Barbaric Shout can have 6 engagement slots and then use the Essential Phantom (which will have 3 engagement slots due to Kapana Taga + Reckless Brigandine): engage lots of enemies and use Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage or Enervating Terror to terrify enemies. They will break your engengagement and also the Phantom's. You will deal very high dmg with Draining Touch because Disengagement attacks get +100% dmg. 

Also works with Unbroken/Bloodmage (Guardian Stance istead of Barbaric Shout).

Besides the engagement trick it's a nice Warlock anyway because Draining Touch has highest one handed melee base dmg and thus works very well with Carnage. 

If you don't want to use the Phantom you can use Furyshaper with Fear Ward for more terrify chances.


Barbarian/Ancient is fun with Community Patch if you pick the Stag form: both Carnage effects will stag (pun intended). Cast raw DoTs first and then shift and go into melee. When enemies start dying from the DoTs your melee dual Carnage without Recovery because of Blood Thirst can clean up the rest of the enemies. 


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I've been having a lot of fun with a barbarian/shifter on my current playthrough (on PotD). Sure, you can't cast while shifted, but there's nothing stopping you from opening the fight with some Heal- and Damage-over-time spells, then shifting and leaping into the fray, where the barbarian passives really help support both your offense and defense while in beast form. Then, with the multiple uses of shapeshift, it's not too much of a hit if you have to drop out prematurely in order to cast a spell or two (plus you get the heal). If you do, I'd definitely second the recommendation to get the Community Patch for the stag carnage buff. It really rounds out the flexibility of the shifter forms - cat for single target damage, stag for AoE, bear for toughness, boar for the healing and DoT and wolf for...something. Not really sure what it's good for (the knockdown is nice against casters but it's only one use)....

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