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I haven't been able to find such a thing. The first game had a page on the wiki that laid out every (as far as I could tell) source of every buff and debuff. It made it nice and easy to track down means to reduce enemy Fortitude defenses (for example) only to find just about every source that lowered Fort targeted Fort as well (again, just for example, no salt here!)

But yeah, has anyone compiled a list like this for Deadfire? It'd really help to digest the transition to Inspiration/Afflictions.

Additionally, rather than making two topics to ask: What's a good way to deal with enemies removing my buffs? In PoE1, even if an enemy applied a debuff that directly targeted the same stats as my buffs, they didn't remove said buffs, so I could monitor the situation and dispel or suppress the debuff. Here, I watch my Priest sit tight for 15 seconds firing off one slow spell after another just for the effects to get stripped off by an opposing affliction. I'm just not sure how to deal with that. It hasn't been huge so far but when it happens it's frustrating - I'll think I'm okay, I've cast a buff that lasts 80 seconds, but then I'll look a moment later and the character has nothing. 

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Deadfire uses the same wiki as PoE, so there should be some kind of information there about Fortitude and what targets it. 

If nothing else you can open the specific list of class abilities and check which ones target fortitude (it's usually mentioned in that list which defense is targeted). You can use ctrl+f to search for "fortitude" on the site which will quickly give you the spells that target it. Example for Wizard spells: https://pillarsofeternity.fandom.com/wiki/Wizard_abilities_(Deadfire)


Deadfire has a system of inspirations and afflictions. It's correct that one dispels the other. It can be bad for you because - as you described - an inspiration you got from a lengthy spell can get removed by the fitting affliction. But it can also be good for you because you can remove nasty afflictions on you with the same method.

Not all buffs are inspirations though and those cannot be removed by afflictions. But there's stuff like Arcane Dampener, Concussive Tranquilizer and Arcane Cleanse which will suppress or remove any beneficial effect on you. 

If you want to keep your inspirations and buffs you have to prevent the enemy from using those those countermeasures. Interrupts for example are much more important and impactful than in PoE. They not only delay the ability use bit actually remove its use. So the enemy will not only get his action delayed - also his sol use/resource points will be gone! This makes interrupts very useful and mich more desirable to use than in PoE. Check out Slicken (it now periodically pulses with a knockdown which is in interrupt) or Thrust of Tattered Veils (auto-hit interrupt with very fast cast time) or some weapon effects and weapon modals (see Crossbow proficiency or the one for Arbalest). Also most classes have some kind of interrupting abilites.

Another way is to use certain CC/disabling effects that block the enemies' offensive actions (stun, paralyze, charm, dominate terrify, frighten etc.). Then you can use summons to distract the enemy and let them cast their stuff on the summons and not you. 

Deadfire has much more clean and systemic mechanics than PoE and the affliction vs. inspiration is a part of it. But that also means it plays a bit differently.

Since interrupts are more important and spell effects tend to be very impactful (especially now with per-encounter use instead of per-rest) and Deadfire plays more slowly than PoE (due to player complaint that PoE's combat was too chaotic) spells take often longer to cast than in PoE. It's a design decision. But the same it true for weapon attacks and speed in general. In PoE it was rel. easy to achieve 0 recovery time. In Deadfire that's not possible (except with certain items at abilites for a short time).

It's just a bit different and tries to be a bit more "tactical" I assume. Imo those changes work very well once one accepts them. You might have to adapt a bit. 

But objectively the combat mechanics of Deadfire are much improved over PoE's - but of course it's also a matter of taste, so... 🤷‍♂️

Have fun! :)


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Thank you! I'm just waking up, so my brain's running at half speed, so my reply will be relatively brief but don't think I'm any less appreciative of the info. 

It's definitely... a change from the first game. Whether I prefer it or not I'll only know with time, but so far it's a little give and take, and that's fine. I do wish I didn't have to re-learn so many things that share a name with things from the first game, though, that's definitely confusing. In any case, I can't believe I didn't look up class abilities on the wiki. I think the page I'm thinking of for the first game had all effects, so I was searching by that. Never thought to check each individual class' page. 

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Yeah, during beta access I was a bit confused and annoyed as well: "why did they change so much compared to the first game whichg I loved?" 

But after some time I came to appreciate the changes. It's less complicated and convoluted (still not easy to grasp or free of confusing stuff but way better).

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