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Hello guys,

I am new in the game and I've deiced to go with the Pala (subclass: The Shieldbearers of St. Elcga) I have read on the forum and I think multiclass is the best way however, I would like to play this time with a single class and then maybe in a feature I will try again with the multiclasses.

My question is... how can I get Zeal back? I only have 3 zeals by fight and I need to use zeal for all my skill but there is anyway way to get zeal back? Should I use only auto attacks and save all my zeal for special moment?

I have read there is an option to get 1 zeal back for ally killed but.. there is another way to get zeal back without waiting for an ally to die?


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Hi and Welcome. :)

You posted in the wrong subforum (PoE instead of Deadfire) - but no big deal. Maybe a moderator can help to move this into the proper subforum, @Amentep?

Generally speaking: there are some classes who have fixed resource pools. You don't get those points back during encounters. Those are Paladin (Zeal), Fighter (Discipline), Rogue (Guile), Barbarian (Rage) and Ranger (Bond) and Monk (Mortification, although Monks have a second pool named Wounds which is refillable).

But there are ways to get back a bit of those resource points you spend or to extend your resource pool (which will grow with level of course).


You can get back Zeal with the following things:

- spend an Empower Point

- Brilliant Inspiration (from spells like Cipher's Ancestor's Memory or items)

- Chanter's "His Heart did fill with the Light of Dawn" invocation

- Virtuous Triumph

- Devine Retribution (this also works with summons - if you have a Beckoner or Troubadour in the party who can summon a lot of weak creatures then your Zeal is pretty much endless)

- you can get +2 Zeal with the Devil of Caroc Breastplate

- you can get a bit additional Zeal from resting in some special rooms in some taverns (don't know which ones from the top of my head)


The most early option to get Zeal back is to use an Empower point. But it's limited per rest.

The most effective way - until you get Devine Retribution - is to become brilliant and then use Salvation of Time (Priest spell) to prolong the brilliance.

Ultimately nothing beats Devine Retribution IF you have a Chanter in the party who can summon weak but lots of creatures (look at "Ancient Brittle Bones" but also "Many Lives Pass By").

In the early game there is only Empower though. You have to make sure to only spend Zeal when it counts most and not waste it. 

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Lay on Hands is the single target heal of Deadfire so I can't say I agree. There's also Exalted Endurance for periodic party healing. I wouldn't make a paladin with no other job than healing though.

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a plug for my guide 😛 which definitely agrees paladin is a good healer: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/paladin

If you want to amp up paladin heal capability, you can pick up kind wayfarers and you can spam flames of devotion to do aoe party heals while also doing some decent damage.

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