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Balanced multiclass party?

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Hi, I want to start my first playthrough, please advise.. 
I want to take 4 companions (not sidekicks) to the party so that there would be 3 ranged and 2 melee or vice versa, and so that they were multiclasses.
Who should I take for a balanced party without repeating classes?
for instance: Aloth - Battlemage melee, Maia - Scout ranged etc.. and something good for main charachter ūüėÉ
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I guess what I would do with a no sidekick, no repeat classes limitation, is probably this:

Eder: Multi Fighter/Rogue.

Aloth: pure mage or Serafen: pure ranged cypher - depending on which companion you like more.

Xoti: Pure Priest.

Maia: Pure Ranger if Aloth is there, Ranger/Mage if not.

Then the MC as whichever melee you'd like.  That gives two melee, three ranged, a mage, a healer, and seems balance to me.

But, depending on your playstyle, likes in companions, etc, there are tons of options.


For instance, I started a Valian playthrough yesterday and my core party will be my Watcher, a Brute (Corpse Eater Barb and Greatsword Devoted Fighter), Xoti (Pure priest), Pallegina (a herald, Pally/Chanter), Fassina (pure Wiz), and Ydwin, who I may MC and I may leave pure Cipher, not sure yet.



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I would recommend to think about Eder, Xoti/Takeru, Sarafen, MC and someone fifth


Swashbuckler Eder is fantastic for balanced party. Swash is fantastic in tanking even if he is on a softer side early on but later on he is probable THE best class to keep many enemies on him

Xoti as multiclass is ok, not the best but she is reliable. Probably she is still better as pure monk but I ran with her as multyclass and it was ok. 

If you dont want Xoti, Takeru as a druid+chanter can become great support character. Druid moonwell + ancient memory + unlimited revives are great for support. Add boosting chants

For damage dealt dual wield melee Sarafen is probably the best. Bonus damage from sipher whip, barbarian carnage is great combo

For fifth party member I am not sure. Probably Maia with Blightheart and The Red Hand. Dont forget to get stalker link as it does work with spells. Only problem that both Eder and her are not too smart. Also bind Blightheart to wizard class


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