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If I had one wish for the next update...

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A wish for more "useable" furniture......great idea! I would love to see more furniture as well. Like a berry Leather Couch to go with the chair. (Too comfy to look at without the luxury to sit down and take a rest. )

A lamp to set on the round clover table. More side tables, dressers, and stackable containers....etc. :)  Just a few more wishes to add on. :) 

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While the tables and other furniture we have already are great it would be cool to have half height walls and half wide floors as well. Just got done building a shopping area and the half height walls combined with half wide floors wood make for great counter tops. I know we can kind of do half high walls if we snap a wall low but on a second floor it will be sticking down into the ceiling of the first floor.

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