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Epic Games POE black Screen Problem



hi when i start game its just black screen and with gaunlet cursor i cant see anything else. i try to open at windowed and full screen its same problem. 

i check a lot of site to solve problem . still have same problem.. 

***and there is no saved variable on users documents so dont ask for my logout.txt files.. Games didnt any saved variable to my user documents




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I did not believe it could work but it works. Before that i even reinstalled operating system from ISO since my windows is Single Language Edition. But the trick was moving english to top in preffered language panel. I share the screenshot to help people with same problem.



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4 hours ago, btrarkot01 said:

If you use Windows, go to settings.

Choose Time and Language.

Choose Region.

Change your region to United Kingdom and your regional form to English(United Kingdom).

This worked for me, now I can play the game.

It worked. Interesting but it really worked.

Thanks much.  Batu Boy and btrarkot01

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I have this issue too and im a german win 10 user. why do i have to set my system to uk to fix this. please fix this obsidian. if i run the games without mods in the override folder the game loads fine. when i load the mods while i start the game it works. so i really now have to move the mods in and out on every startup of the game. this seems annoying and unnessecary.

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