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  1. Also I update nvidia driver today. I don't know it helps us me to open POE or not.
  2. It worked. Interesting but it really worked. Thanks much. Batu Boy and btrarkot01
  3. There is no English UK in my epic game launcer's language settings. I tried "English US" but i doesn't work.
  4. I have had the same blank screen w/hand cursor problem in this game epic games version. I checked this forum about the previous postings, but nothing solves my problem ( starting the game in windows mode, alt+enter, starting the game with the low resolution, changes the fsaa settings in the nvidia control panel, trying to start game in the nvidia geoforce experiment etc...) Maybe patching the game solves this problem , but epicgame version of POE is 1.0.2 . I don't know how i manuel patch 1.0.2 to latest version . I am waiting EpicGames to update the game to latest version. If anybody finds another solution to resolve this problem, i will try that solution also.
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