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Watch Dogs Legion - Xbox Series X/S w/RT vs PC RTX


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Not really gaming news, so I'll put it here?
As I've said before, I don't yet care about ray tracing - hyper-real reflections aren't the graphic enhancements I want - but for this it makes for an interesting performance comparison. Especially the details re: console optimizations to achieve what they do.  This largely applies to this game only, I think - other console games, especially if not heavy on RT, might be closer to a higher tier 20xx. Maybe. (edit: I watched this at YT's 2160 on 1440 monitor).

Anyway, I take away a few things from this video:

--it's too bad dev's don't allow for more of these "hidden" console optimization settings on PC as selectable options for people with lesser systems
--for Watch Dogs, new xbox is maybe on par with 2060 or 2060/S, for "4k"/30fps-ish (forget 60fps).
--for $500 or whatever, new consoles are (as expected/known) leaps and bound above previous and imo a worthy buy for anyone who doesn't want to to/spend PC. Just not quite as uber as some were maybe hoping for.  Could improve even more with newer versions ofc. I may still buy a ps5 a year or two down the road



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I'd expect better performance as knowledge of the system increases; and it has to be said that the other technical aspects of WD: Legion don't exactly fill one with confidence in Ubisoft's technical aptitude. They simply won't know what the best bang for buck raytrace settings are yet. The PS5 reviewers seem to be a lot happier with the Spiderman: MM RT solution (and game overall), on a theoretically weaker system.

It also doesn't mean much for Radeon performance. AMD's approach there is clearly to use lots of culling to reduce unnecessary executions hence the massive cache, and the Series X lacks much cache at all- I don't know how much it has since it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere, but there definitely isn't much space for it with 60 (52 active) CUs, 8 CPU cores and a 320bit bus all on a 360mm^2 die. The cache alone on Navi21 is approaching half that area.

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