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I would like an option to make a burgl mission harder/bigger for a larger reward.

It could be limited to one fully “buffed” mission (maybe 10x is max) at a time.

Alternatively he could have a “memory capacity” To allow multiple small buffed missions or a single full buffed mission.

You could increase it by a slider in the UI.

This could be explained by “overloading” burgle’s circuitry. 😂


so instead of

- 10 Lawn mites for 100 Rs

you could increase it to

- 100 Lawn mites for 1200 Rs


I think a 10x increase should have a reward increase incentive maybe a 1.2-1.5 depending on the creature.

That way players can still put the work in and make Rs more accessible to all players specially newer ones.

The possibility to increase a missions size would give the player a feeling of having more control over which missions they would like to do.

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