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In my recent playthrough of Deadfire I played a transmuter and kept picking pretty much every transmutation spell at each tier. Eventually I ended up with spells like Concelhaut's Corrosive Skin (CCS) and Temporal Cocoon (TC) and initially was disappointed by them, like are these really high tier spells? But at certain point it dawned on me that I can combine those two together by casting TC on top of CCS essentially making a reversed and amplified version of priest's Withdraw spell that works on enemies and deals damage instead of healing and with right build, items, buffs and body blows debuff from morningstars I can delete many of the bosses much like using Greater Mallison + Touch of Death combo in Baldurs Gate. And that got me thinking: are there any other active abilities or spells that aren't very powerful or attractive by themselves, but when used together become pretty powerful or cool? Could you share your experience?

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ranger's Takedown Combo is an under-appreciated combo (literally), because I think as a community we just discovered it relatively late.

Basically, takedown combo will increase +100% the damage done by DoTs as well, but doesn't get consumed by a simple DoT application or tick (it will get consumed by a DoT that has an initial attack, but you can just use the takedown combo after the initial application then). Works great with Disintegration and Cleansing Flame.

I'll bet it would also be amazing with CCS since it ticks so frequently for decent damage.

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