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Queen ants, fire ants, more kinds beetles, fireflies, bees (since there's a bees armor in the game), worms to dig up, mantis, mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, flies, grasshoppers! 

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Fire ants and Army Ants maby some bulldog ants would be nice.  They need to be made ingame to be a very high threat and if you get in there way they can swarm you and take you down in a hurry. 

in real life they been known to take down a crab.

Can say some ant farms got tipped over.

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Bulldog Ants:  Very very dangerous and very long mandibles.  Very very aggressive. Bulldog ant hive could be something that would be very challenging.


Exotic bulldog ant farm tipped over spilling out bulldog ants and them making a hive. Unique to a special location in another yard.


Bulldog Ant Armor:  Huge Bonus to attack damage on each piece and set bonus would be something like Bulldog Vengeance that doubles damage output on weapons. Tier 7 Armor.  

Bulldog Ant head Trident Spear: Tier 7 spear with the head of a Bulldog Ant with another blade in the middle with huge damage and speed.  Working mandibles on spear would do bonus damage on spear that can attack twice in a swing one for the stab and the other with the mandible crunch.  

Bulldog Ant.jpg

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