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  Platform: PC, Game Pass for PC

Game Type: Multiplayer, non-host

Description: after being defeated and respawning, the backpack appears in a place different from where I was defeated, and contains items that I did not have in inventory previously.  Unsure, but seems to also be from a place that is also spawning too much dew drops?  A lot of dew drops appeared, rendering large down to small in a weird manner.  This only has happened when playing multiplayer, and not as the host, while on PC.  The host of the game is on Xbox One X.

Result: Backpack appears in world, but with items listed outside it like an array, containing items not possessed prior to being defeated.  It's weird.  I don't envy the programmer who has to solve this one.  

OneDrive Link to the image of what I was seeing

OneDrive Link to the video showing a bit more than the image.


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Lots of issues when playing multiplayer.

I played solo and had no problems beyond some items not respawning.

I fell off map.  Backpack respawned near the suitcase at the start point.  Otherwise, I would not be able to retrieve items.

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My backpack appears to be in orbit around the planet.  I am playing on a PC connected to an xbox host and I died.  The xbox host can see the backpack in our house but I dont see it in the same place and it appers to me on the PC to be in orbit around the planet getting further and furthe away.  I cant retrieve  any items.  Restarting the session doesnt fix the issue.

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I'm sorry that you all have been dealing with this assortment of backpack issues in the game. There should be an update soon that hopefully will address these issues. If you are still running into them, please send in a support ticket, and we'll work one on one with you to help resolve or get as much information as needed to investigate the issue. 

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