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  Platform: PC, Game Pass for PC

Game Type: Multiplayer, non-host

Description: after being defeated and respawning, the backpack appears in a place different from where I was defeated, and contains items that I did not have in inventory previously.  Unsure, but seems to also be from a place that is also spawning too much dew drops?  A lot of dew drops appeared, rendering large down to small in a weird manner.  This only has happened when playing multiplayer, and not as the host, while on PC.  The host of the game is on Xbox One X.

Result: Backpack appears in world, but with items listed outside it like an array, containing items not possessed prior to being defeated.  It's weird.  I don't envy the programmer who has to solve this one.  

OneDrive Link to the image of what I was seeing

OneDrive Link to the video showing a bit more than the image.


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Lots of issues when playing multiplayer.

I played solo and had no problems beyond some items not respawning.

I fell off map.  Backpack respawned near the suitcase at the start point.  Otherwise, I would not be able to retrieve items.

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