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Problems, bugs, and more fix please.(XBOX)

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Been playing since launch a few hours in with friends managed to farm out tier 2 weapons/tools and find labs before videos were thrown out revealing location. Here are some problems, chest will bug out and make items disappear from all players view and they won't fill properly, another problem is bugs will spawn inside bases destroying it if aggressive, ants will steal through walls, building is starting to become weird as some things won't click to one another, more structures are needed such as foundations/triangular foundations not floors. My friend lost all of their stuff after d/cing after dying, they also have their armor unequip itself when they get hit(May be due to it being ant armor or a bug with hauling seams/planks). I like the game so far but its slacking on alot where it counts not much to interact with. Wolf spiders do massive damage even with tier 2 everything and strategically killing them they tend to 1-3 hit if not the poison will top you off not giving much time to using a healing smoothie. The Wolf spider dagger does little to no damage its poison hardly procs if ever in combat on bugs and its durability runs out within a matter of a minute in a battle making it kind of worthless yet the hardest weapon to obtain as of this moment, it needs a buff with poison proc and increased durability to be worth grinding for. There is also a glitch where berry's will not show in the right place on one person's screen but will on the other person's screen. There was a instance on a moment where super armor glue was somehow managed to dupe itself twice upon use (used it on spider helm and another one fell on floor infront of me happened twice but none after). And another instance where a friend used 1 super glue and it fixed all 3 pieces of armor.  Would recommend a way to dispose of planks and seams so they dont break the map which may be the cause of most of these problems. Love the game so far looking forward to more content.

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While I was playing with my friend, we explored the game a lot or even totally, to the point that we were unable to advance on new equipment and history ... We detected some errors (bugs), as the durability of the equipment of those who entered the server does not show correctly, and when dying and recovering the items, they show maximum durability. The image of the bow when firing remains with the image of it loose in the hand and with the bow loaded, hindering the vision. Blueberrys cannot be collected by guests when felling from the tree, as they are actually invisible and at another point that only the host can see. Movement in water, there are areas that are not defined as water and do not need oxygen, knowing of course the depth, you cannot collect items with tools under the water, but certain items could be moved in some way from the water ... hunt with the bow, when the insects are low on life, especially on the spider, if you continue with the bow, her life disappears and no longer loses life, besides being able to escape almost all the arrows shot, her mechanics drastically changes , sometimes items when dropped at home with clay floors, fall between them and stay under the house, and even destroyed webs continue to predict the player ... I think these are perhaps the most critical bugs I found. (Sorry if the grammar and sintax are wrong, Iam not a fluent in the English language).

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 I agree with all of the above its all happened to me too. I would like to add that im having trouble with the tier 2 weeds and clay respawning its simply not. Ive waited hours for it to come back even been on the other side of the map for an hr or two just incase respawn radius to player mattered. The dandelions respawn far to slow aswell so I end up twiddling my thumbs waiting to build something. So the respawn rates in my opinion need increasing and resource respawn radius to structures also needs increasing so i can bulid without grass growing into my build. Excellent game apart from that which is expected in early days hope this helps improve it. 

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While playing with my cousins (mind you we’ve taken into the account that there were going to be bugs [pun maybe intended] since it’s only in Alfa right now) we found the game to be really fun and well thought out mechanic wise for the most part. However there are some slight issues that I came across:

Environment- While walking through the terrain I found it buggy quite often while trying to sprint. Also this would happen while trying to shift from the dirt to a clay foundation (meaning it isn’t a smooth change in altitude like going up a staircase. Generally just bugs out so I have to jump instead of just running over it.) Walking on any items on the ground such as clover leaves and plant fibers (from chopping grass) bug out the characters quite a bit too; along with trying to run through/by clover stems. We also wish there was a way to stop clovers from respawning as it makes it super in convenient while we ar building our base.

Tools- I found that there’s a bug with tool and armor usage. Mainly the durability meters would stay full, never revealing how much was actually left. Another interesting bug was that after using an axe or anything else it would unequip after one use making it tedious to do things (probably a bug with the durability as the tool or weapon is trying to break but isn’t as when I craft a new one and scrap the old one it works just fine until I use it a lot)

Building-The only thing I noticed so far is that those who don’t host the game can’t see the purple arrow on the blue printed walls and windows that help show you which way it’s facing. Along with while inside a closed area sometimes you can’t see the blueprinted item at all, making you have to step outside to get it then go back in.

Combat- I find the combat simple and easy to get the hang of for the most part. I just run in circles and stay out of view of the insects mandibles so I can’t take damage and attack it from behind. However my cousin pointed out the arrows do hardly anything even if they are venomous or poisoned. 

Logins- This one was interesting, after completing a lot of things on my cousin’s world (including managing to kill a wolf spider) we decided to take a break for a bit and come back. Though when I logged back in to his world a few hours later my character’s stats were completely wiped and I had to restart at the beginning with nothing. I lost everything with no way to get it back. (Made things worse that I had the spider parts in my inventory too before it was wiped.

Overall- Grounded is a unique take on the PVE survival genre. While having bugs that need to be worked on, the game’s overall tone and feel is enticing and super fun to play with see what is there to offer. The dev’s have shown their homework through some of the smallest features such as distance measured by centimeters or different armor giving you different abilities based on what armor it is from (like ant armor making you be able to haul more grass and stems at a time). I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future and I hope these bugs will be resolved soon

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Hi, the game is amazing and I can't wait to see what you add next to the game. As for Bugs I am not sure if this has been mentioned or not but I am finding that all the creatures are able to walk right through the walls of my base. It is almost as if they get half way through and then telephone to the inside of the wall.

I have also had a few of crashes, a couple was when I was carrying 6 planks of weed to my base. Another instance is when I came across what seemed to be about 50 larvae (Ladybug presumably) stampeding about 50cm ahead of me which caused my game to lag tremendously and almost crash. However on this instance I managed to get a bit more distance from the swarm and the Framerate returned to normal.

For a suggestion perhaps add the wasps nest or bee hive. Also, perhaps a queen as a way to temporarily kill of the hive / ant nest. Also adding a nursery so you are able to nurture a infant ant to raise as a mount.

With the ants I have noticed that the workers get stuck in the world and so the eggs do not spawn, this causes you to have to go everywhere around the garden to find these stuck worker ants and kill them so that they can respond so that the ant eggs respawn.

I have also noticed the Wolf spider is to scale for some things but then when walking around the acorn tree, for example, it would appear to be the size of a tarantula. I'm not sure if it is the scaling of the tree but something is a little off there. In addition to that the wolf spider has a tendency to despawn and then respawn when viewing from a distance. This make tracking a little frustrating as she is a very scary beast.

As with the Wolf spider I sort of like how OP it is, I also love how it has its usual hiding holes but also tend to wander. I had one encounter where I managed to lure it down into the ant hill hoping that it would be killed off by the soldiers to find that it killed them all instead, leading to the terrifying trip to the surface as a few time i came across a wolf spider rushing at me red eyed and all. It was without a doubt  the most thrilling and horrifying experience  of my gaming history.

As I said before the game is amazing and I have already spent the best part of 4 days playing this game. Keep it up, I look forward to what the future will bring.

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Update: Ants getting stuck in map everywhere unable to analyze egg cause they wont spawn whatsoever. 

Arrows and all other forgotten materials left on the ground are causing extreme lag aswell as planks.

Planks will be stuck forever if you accidentally fall in water unless you can grab it out from a standing point.

Friends will lose stuff every d/c at this point, sometimes they will try to drop me something and it will go straight through the ground and end up in the pond (We're built near the pond but not directly next to it).

Wolf spiders are double spawning and roaming in the same route in eachother making it look like 1 spider when its actually 2. 

Spider webs will make characters glitch and stay stuck in air even after being destroyed. 

Reviving people sometimes cuts out depending on elevation of other player.

There was a instance my friend stepped on a clover and was launched over the pond wall into a completely empty grass field and lost their stuff. Meaning items on ground will launch players and glitch them out. 

Resources won't respawn around our base (Weeds/dandelions).

My suggestions for these problems: Add a decay timer on dropped items, planks. Increase respawn rate of weeds/dandelions. Have multiple set locations for resources and bugs in their right area but if there is a base nearby or directly built on that spawn make it spawn at a different set spawn location stopping bugs from spawning in bases but to also help keep useful resources around bases still. Give ants a limited area they can patrol adding a invisible barrier to their AI so they won't get stuck for now. So far still love the game even with all the problems, hope you guys come out with a patch soon and atleast give everyone a clean bug/plank wipe when you do. 🙂


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