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  1. Update: Ants getting stuck in map everywhere unable to analyze egg cause they wont spawn whatsoever. Arrows and all other forgotten materials left on the ground are causing extreme lag aswell as planks. Planks will be stuck forever if you accidentally fall in water unless you can grab it out from a standing point. Friends will lose stuff every d/c at this point, sometimes they will try to drop me something and it will go straight through the ground and end up in the pond (We're built near the pond but not directly next to it). Wolf spiders are double spawning and roaming i
  2. Been playing since launch a few hours in with friends managed to farm out tier 2 weapons/tools and find labs before videos were thrown out revealing location. Here are some problems, chest will bug out and make items disappear from all players view and they won't fill properly, another problem is bugs will spawn inside bases destroying it if aggressive, ants will steal through walls, building is starting to become weird as some things won't click to one another, more structures are needed such as foundations/triangular foundations not floors. My friend lost all of their stuff after d/cing afte
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