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  1. Hi, the game is amazing and I can't wait to see what you add next to the game. As for Bugs I am not sure if this has been mentioned or not but I am finding that all the creatures are able to walk right through the walls of my base. It is almost as if they get half way through and then telephone to the inside of the wall. I have also had a few of crashes, a couple was when I was carrying 6 planks of weed to my base. Another instance is when I came across what seemed to be about 50 larvae (Ladybug presumably) stampeding about 50cm ahead of me which caused my game to lag tremendously and almost crash. However on this instance I managed to get a bit more distance from the swarm and the Framerate returned to normal. For a suggestion perhaps add the wasps nest or bee hive. Also, perhaps a queen as a way to temporarily kill of the hive / ant nest. Also adding a nursery so you are able to nurture a infant ant to raise as a mount. With the ants I have noticed that the workers get stuck in the world and so the eggs do not spawn, this causes you to have to go everywhere around the garden to find these stuck worker ants and kill them so that they can respond so that the ant eggs respawn. I have also noticed the Wolf spider is to scale for some things but then when walking around the acorn tree, for example, it would appear to be the size of a tarantula. I'm not sure if it is the scaling of the tree but something is a little off there. In addition to that the wolf spider has a tendency to despawn and then respawn when viewing from a distance. This make tracking a little frustrating as she is a very scary beast. As with the Wolf spider I sort of like how OP it is, I also love how it has its usual hiding holes but also tend to wander. I had one encounter where I managed to lure it down into the ant hill hoping that it would be killed off by the soldiers to find that it killed them all instead, leading to the terrifying trip to the surface as a few time i came across a wolf spider rushing at me red eyed and all. It was without a doubt the most thrilling and horrifying experience of my gaming history. As I said before the game is amazing and I have already spent the best part of 4 days playing this game. Keep it up, I look forward to what the future will bring.
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