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Ants Stealing Through Floors

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Since I can't start my game without the login crashing, I'm posting this VERY SERIOUS BUG here.

Namely, I have my house raised on scaffolds, and it turns out ants and gnats can fly UNDER my house and steal from the chest THROUGH THE FLOOR. Obviously this should not happen. 

Love the game otherwise.


Update: Having looked at my base closely, it appears that the model for the chest can easily clip through the grass floors and be opened from the outside. Not good.

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We are currently looking into thew reach of these ants. This behavior is not typical and they should not be able to steal through walls or even from a great distance. I appreciate the reports, and hopefully we will have a fix in soon for this!

Also, larva spawn rates and insects being able to go through building structures are also being looked at.

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If I could choose one thing to fix, this one would be it, I even built stairs very high up, and place them in the middle of that level, and they still hit it.

Kinda defeats the purpose of having a base (and logtraps since they dont work as well)

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Same thing happens to me. I built my base on top of the wooden fence near the oak tree (where orb weavers are very common). I had build a storage container next to a lower fence piece, ants swarmed the bottom of the fence. Then I moved my base up to the taller post of the fence, with scaffolding for extra height, and they still managed to grab food from it. They teleported to the chest and started taking stuff from it. It basically forced me to keep all my food in my inventory which makes it more and more difficult to go out on supply runs because I keep three sets of armor for different scenarios and 4 food stacks of acorn bits, plus tools. Leaving me with little space left. It's super infuriating. I do appreciate that the base I'm at spiders and stuff aren't damaging the property and stuff but the ants are way too much. I really hope that this is fixed in the future.

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