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I got the game recently and I am going to start a Human Pure Paladin or Crusader. TURN BASE MODE.

I would like to know what should my attributes look like. Eder will be main tank, I will mostly go "DPS"

They suggest Resolve as primary, but I guess other are more important, such as Perception.

Thank you for helping



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As damage dealing character your RES is indeed not too important. 

Focus on DEX, MIG and PER and also INT - those are the attributes that help with dealing damage (INT does it indirectly via longer durations and bigger AoE). MIG and INT also influence the healing you do which is benefical to your self-healing abilites (heal more points per tick with high MIG and last longer with high INT).

You have to see at what point your character feels too squishy. At that point I'd use thicker armor. Armor is the most important defensive stat if you don't want to stack deflection and the other defenses (and build a tank). If enemies underpenetrate you will love a lot longer. Fighters can stack a pet like Abraham or Cutthroat Cosmo with Armored Grace which helps a big deal with the armors' recovery penalty. 

Despite the recommendation the game gives you multiclassing isn't complicated at all. Since single class Paladins don't have the most awesome high level abilites in general I personally would pick the Crusader. They can be sturdy as hell even when build for dealing damage and have more resources (Zeal and Discipline) at their disposal which means more special attacks with Flames of Devotion or Knockdown and so on.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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For Turn Based mod I'd not recommend investing much in Dex. In fact, it might be the stat to fully dump. The only concern being the walking distance. But some mobility skills can help with that. So maybe Holy Slayer Paladin/Trickster (or steetfighter, if you're feeling brave) multiclass? Has access to Escape from level 1 for great mobility (also great for a Paladin't Stoic Steel to keep the Armor bonus), so in Turn Based doesn't need ANY Dex basically (only for Reflex save, meh). Also would have much better damage output. Trickster offers great defensive buffs too, while streetfighter is simply a damage beast (need certain trigger conditions, though).

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9 hours ago, Haplok said:

For Turn Based mod I'd not recommend investing much in Dex. 

Right. Always forget about that... :( Also recovery penalty from armor isn't a big deal then. 

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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