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Rumbling Boar

Difficulty: PotD v. 5.0

Solo: No - poor defensive capabilities makes foes with stun/paralyze resistance real pain in the ass

Class: Hellwalker/Skald

Race: Elf Dwarf

Background: Deadfire Archipelago



Might - 15 base, 35 final (+2 berath blessing, +2 alchemic brawn, +1 gift from the machine, +5 thunderous blows, +10 hellwalker bonus with max wounds) For dwarf take base 12 might. Dwarf gets +2 and another +1 from Rabyuna's boon. Spare points add to constitution

Constitution - 3 base, 12 final (+2 berath blessing, +2 alchemic brawn, +2 the undying burden, +3 brew battered ysae) 6 base if dwarf, so final would be 16 con

Dexterity - 18 base, 35 final (+1 background, +1 race, +2 berath blessing, +2 alchemic guile, +1 cauldron brew, +2 firethrower gloves, +2 footprints of ahu taka, +1 chameleon's touch, +5 swift flurry) Dwarf got 2 dex less, so use Rabyuna and sacrifice Devil of Caroc in PoE for compensate

Perception - 18 base, 25 final (+1 race, +2 berath blessing, +2 alchemic guile, +2 prostitute) for dwarf final per is 22 due to Rabyuna instead of Aelys and lose elf bonus

Intellect - 18 base, 35 final (+2 berath blessing, +2 charm of bones, +1 chameleon's touch, +2 alchemic wits, +10 duality of mortal presence with full wounds)

Resolve - 3 base, 7 final (+2 berath blessing, +2 alchemic wits) final 9 if dwarf with Rabyuna bonus



Head: Survivor's Tusks - 50% for distract enemy after using invocation result in -10reflex debuff from Per loss, flanked helps with melee crits, and invocations which targets reflex

Back: whatever... Giftbearer, Mirrorback, Seven Bolts

Neck: Charm of Bones

Armor: Aloth's Leather Armor or Miscreant's Leather. Later Contender's Armor - good protection and the fastest armor in game, if athletics is pumped high enough

Waist: The Undying Burden

Hands: Firethrower Gloves - stacking dex for attack speed

Rings: Chameleon's Touch and Ring of Focused Flame - dex, int and +10 ACC with Sun and Moon flame head

Boots: Footprints of Ahu Taka - dex stacking

Pet: abraham (and nalvi on eder if possible)

Weapon: single handed Sun and Moon - Frost head is apparently bugged, because it doesn't get +12 Acc bonus from single handed style, but flame part does. Flame part reaches 141 Acc with enduring dance, single handed and Ring of Focused Flame, which leads to frequent crits and multiple procs of SF/HBD (which gets another ACC bonus from power and ability lvl). It does great damage with chained procs, almost guaranteed phrase, and lowers enemy reflex with modal, facilitating hits with White Worms, Thrice Was She Wronged, and The Thunder Rolled. Attack Time = 0.2 and Recovery = 1.3 so in 6 seconds can get 5 phrases (4 generated by weapon and 1 from chant)

Food: Brew Battered Ysae - attack speed and AoE

Drug: Mouth Char

Prostitute bonus: Aelys or Rabyuna for dwarf



Shield Cracks - Hel Hyraf is enough if you want to add point into Clarity of Agony

Her Revange Swept and White Worms - main source of AoE dmg. Upgrading worms is unnecessary, because of Enervating Blows. Both targets reflex. Every offensive invocation have base revovery of 4 sec. Thanks to dexterity, food, armor and SF its cut down to 1.7 sec

Its Crash Could Not Be Denied, At the Sound of His Voice, Ben Fidel's Neck - Stun, Paralyze, Frightens and decrease defences a lot

Animated Weapons - Animated Pike have 11 Knock Downs and can be resummoned if loose all discipline so it gives literally infinite interupts!

Soft Winds, Thick Grew Their Tongues, Ancient Memory, Aefyllath, Old Siec

One Handed Style

Swift Flurry, Heartbeat Drumming - with high ACC leads to multiple procs and great dps. Chain procs increase chance to grant phrase (50% with each crit, but only one phrase at a time can be generated)

Turning Wheel, Thunderous Blows

Enduring Dance - ACC, quite easy to preserve if enemies are stunned and paralyzed forever

Instruments of Pain - reach every enemy with flail modal debuff without wasting time running around like an idiot

Enervating Blows




After quick rumbling treatment enemies should be Distracted, Flanked, Stunned, Paralyzed, Frightened, Weakened and with flail modal debuff. Easy target for further care.

Edited by Powerotti
added Dwarf race
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10% h-t-c is not that much, especially he gets lots of it from paralyze and singe handed. Dwarf or orlan are actually possible if you use Rabyuna instead of Aelys and sacrifice Devil of Caroc to compensate loss of elf attributes🤔. Dwarf is much more "boary" than elf, indeed

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Sun & Moon has two flail heads. So first of all it has two chances to give the Skald a crit-based phrase per 1 attack. Then it is by far the best weapon to proc crit-chains with Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming for the same reason: every crit of the flail heads has a chance to proc two new crits - and so on. Crits from Swift FLurry/HBD also count towards the Skald phrase generation.

A Skald can only get 1 phrase per attack execution - so that prevents filling up your phrase counter with a crit-chain. But it makes a refund per attacks much more likely than with the other weapons. 

Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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When I played this build, my favorite end game combo was Sasha's and Weyc's wand in the starting weapon slot, to empower an invocation at the start of combat. But then I'd switch to another weapon slot with Magran's Favor and Sungrazer. The third weapon slot would be unarmed, with Tuotilo's in the offhand, for fire immune foes. I've never been a huge fan of Sun and Moon, despite its obvious utility for a skald, due to its low base damage and dislike of the day and night linked powers.

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