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Summoned weapons (weapon type ? )

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I would like to know which type of weapon are each summoned weapon (to combine with the appropriate weapon skill)?
Is there any source of informations somewhere ?

I start with :

Wizard :
Caedebald's Blackbow
is a War Bow,
Citzal's Spirit Lance : is it the one hand lance or the two hand ?
cobra strike   :  No idea about what weapon it is 
Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff : Easy it is a two hand staff (the melee staff)
 Any other ?

Pillars of Eternity PS4 - RPG fan - Native language French, so please forgive my poor English speaking ...

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Citzal's Spirit Lance is a pike. Only the initial hit applies the modal effect (not the AoE).

Cobra Strike has no weapon proficiency. Same as Kalakoth's Minor Blights and Concelhaut's Draining Touch.

C's Parasitic Staff is indeed a quarterstaff.

Citzal's Enchanted Armoury are a one-handed Great Sword and a one-handed Morning Star.

Reaping Knives: don't actually know. I guess daggers or none...


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