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Coming across multiple issues with the ps4 version. 

Combat UI is horrible to the point of nearly making the game unplayable with overlapping windows for the action bar and combat text. 

Movement becomes broken when switching to a custom formation and I can no longer move through narrower areas if my character is moved to the back. 

Load times are insane! Nearly a minute and a half to load an area that's one room and a single npc making quests or tasks where you need to move in and out of multiple areas repeatedly a chore. I could understand the time if you're loading a larger map for the first time but not consistently. 

I'm really enjoying the game but some of these issues are sucking the fun right out of it and I'm just curious as to whether or not we'll see fixes for these soon? 


Thanks in advance for any information. 


Edit: Also now experiencing multiple crashes at random points, lagging and freezing during combat, PC's being dragged around an entire map to attack enemies and the Take all command not working after ship combat. 

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So this question has now been sitting for 2 weeks with no response. Still listed as a moderator needing to approve the content and I can't edit it again so I'm hoping this finds someone... 


Now experiencing multiple crashes whenever I try to enchant an item or even look at the enchant menu. Removing Serafen from my part has broken my game and he now appears in a random position on every map and takes part in combat despite me having a full party and him not being able to participate. 

Buttons aren't working at all from time to time when I access the radial menus unless I reload my game. 


Severe lag in inventory when switching gear or moving items around. 


Misses counting as hits and I'm pretty sure some of the bonuses attached to some items I'm using aren't working. 


Also getting a severe, permanent frame rate drop occasionally when sailing my ship on the world map. 


Honestly feels like the game wasn't tested before being released for console. 


Again, still enjoying it. But for the love of all that's holy please fix it... 😪 


Edit: Removing Serafen has broken my game completely now and I can't access my action menu whenever he's on screen. Only way to get round it it to skip his turn and have all my characters use basic attacks because that's all they can do... 

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Here's a couple of new ones for you:

Whenever I load into a new area the games now loading me into a building or location within the area and I have go from there to where I want to go ie; I want to go to Queens Berth, the game loads me into the Wild Mare and I have to leave there to go into Queens Berth. 


And for some reason I now can't access what the merchants have for sale. I can sell stuff and interact with them but when I try to access their inventory the game bugs out and I have to switch menus for the cursor to start moving again... 


... Come on.. 

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