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Expert dataminers wanted: Fortune teller encounters

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While browsing statuseffects.gamedatabundle for buffs to filter for my mod, I came across a bunch of buffs related to someone called Nisanga. I believe these are the "Fortune" buffs listed here, and I also believe that list may very well be partly populated by datamined stuff, so nobody's necessarily actually gotten them legitimately. So anyway, since I smelled a +1 stat buff in the air, I tried to figure out just how to trigger this. But, my datamining skills have proven insufficient.

In worldmap.gamedatabundle there are three uh... entries? that seem relevant:

"DebugName": "RE_Fortune_Teller_Lady_Abimi",
"ID": "b2ce0550-0bfe-457b-8faf-0cb73e582474",
"DebugName": "RE_Fortune_Teller_Lady_Nisanga",
"ID": "99febfc0-de86-4517-84ef-fae2e7bd518e",
"DebugName": "RE_Fortune_Teller_Unnamed_Watcher",
"ID": "6df163e6-aa2b-415f-a794-680986b92302",

However, that's pretty much as far as I've gotten. As far as I can tell, these ID's are not referenced anywhere else (I did a find-in-files search in exported\design and in the lax* folders). Looking at other entries, RE seems to mean Random [Neketaka] Encounter. I can tell you for certain that if they are, they're not something that "simply happens"; much like several other such encounters, there are probably [very specific] conditions that must be met. But, I don't know how to determine what those conditions are.

Any 1337 h4xx0r around?

Update: As far as I can tell, all random Neketaka street events simply have the condition that you must have visited all districts. These three fortune teller events are similar to all other random events in that they contain this bit:

					"ValidityConditions": {
						"Operator": 0,
						"Components": [
								"$type": "OEIFormats.FlowCharts.ConditionalCall, OEIFormats",
								"Data": {
									"FullName": "Boolean CallGlobalConditional(Guid)",
									"Parameters": [

The parameter at the end being the key part, leading to an entry in globalscripts.globalscriptbundle which seems to be a confirmation that you've visited all districts. Comparing to say the scripted interaction with Laetharn, which also happens "inbetween districts" in Neketaka, the parameters are different. No weird string, just having restored the adra pillar at Hasongo. Well, I also knew that to be the condition from having played the game a lot 😛

Anyway, obviously visiting all districts is not enough to get these fortune tellers.

Update 2: Current theory is that the GuidString used doesn't actually lead anywhere. I don't know what a GuidString is, but for a random encounter that actually happens, that string returns loads of matches in the relevant .conversationbundle file. In other words, the trigger is fine, but the encounters don't exist.

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