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I am hoping this can be an informative fun thread.  At first I thought of class combos ie how one class can help another.  But spell combos or gear combos could also be interesting.

I'll start us off with something neat my Cipher, Barbarian, and Priest can do.

  • Cipher - cast pain block on Barb
  • Priest - cast Champion's boon on Barb
  • Barbarian - Frenzy and then mow down the mobs

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Chanter+Priest+Cipher, needs two preservation items on the Chanter, one shield and one other:

  • Chanter: chants Dragon Thrashed
  • Priest: casts Withdraw on Chanter --> Chanter doesn't stop chanting and gets +100 to all defenses because Withdraw counts as stun effect
  • Cipher: casts Defensive Mindweb --> everybody gets the Chanter's ridiculous defenses

Barbarian+Chanter with Firebrand and Blood Thirst on the Barb

  • Chanter: summons Skeletons, sends them to the front line
  • Barbarian: summons Firebrand, hits Skeletons who stand near enemies --> Skeleton will get killed, Carnage damages enemies, Blood Thirst gets triggered
  • also works with Barb alone if he takes Rymers' Summons as talent


  • Wizard: casts Combusting Wounds
  • Barbarian (need high INT): triggers Heart of Fury while dual-wielding --> creating tons of hits which all apply Combusting Wounds
  • also works with Barb alone if he uses a Ring of Searing Flames

Island Aumaua Wizard with Quick Switch and Coil of Resourcefulness

  • equip 4 blunderbusses and suse Penetrating Shot
  • cast Combusting Wounds
  • fire all four blunderbusses on enemies with Combusting Wounds (applying 6 instances with each shot)
  • add some missile spells and a Wall of Flame if needed

Wizard + Cipher

  • Wizard casts Combusting Wound
  • Cipher casts Ectopsychic Echo

Chanter with one handed single weapon

  • get +12 ACC for all offensive chants 

Wizard + Chanter with White Worms and Blessed Was Wengridh:

  • deactivate "gib" in the game options
  • Chanter: lure enemies to a spot
  • Wizard: cast Wall of Flames + Combusting Wounds --> kill enemies
  • Chanter: lure more enemies to that spot where the corpses lie --> again Combusting Wounds, then use White Worms
  • lure more enemies there: White Worms --> corpses can be used over and over again. You can clear whole maps with this one alone.
  • don't reload in between or the corpses are gone

an tank + Wizard with Blast and Kalakoth Minor Blights:

  • tank engages enemies
  • Wizard: summon Blights
  • cast Pull of Eora
  • cast Combusting Wounds
  • shower enemies with Blights --> each hit from Blights (including AoE hits) will also trigger a Blast --> tond of hits that will all apply Combusting Wounds

Rogue with spell binding gear (and scrolls):

  • get Deathblows --> also does +100% dmg with spells
  • get Deep Wounds --> does raw damage also with crushing/piercing/slashing spells
  • pile up spell binding gear --> Flames of Fair Rhian, Sun Touched Mail and so on, everything that gives your rogue offensive spells
  • get some scrolls --> especially of spells that deal pierce, slash or crush damage like Twin Stones or Concussive Missiles for Deep Wounds
  • cast those spells on enemies who have two afflictions --> deal +100% damage with Deathblows

 Paladin + Fighter + Priest, get Munacra Arret and a marking weapon:

  • Paladin is a Darcozzi Paladini with marking weapon, Coordinated Attacks and Inspiring Liberation (+10 ACC+10 ACC): cast IL on fighter
  • Fighter uses Disciplined Barrage, wears Munacra Arret (and or Spirit Spiral, can also use Enigma's Charm)
  • Priest casts Devotions (+20 ACC), then Inspiring Radiance (+10 ACC)
  • Paladin attacks Dragon with marking weapon --> Fighter casts charm on dragon --> Fighter gets +10(Munacra Arret) +10(Inspiring Liberation) +20(Dispciplined Barrage) +20(Devotions) +10(marking) +10(Coordinated Attacks) +10(Inspiring Radiance) = +90 Accuracy on the charm which will crit-charm every dragon besides the one that is immune (Llengrath). Also works with Knockdown to knock a dragon over very reliably. But charm helps a ton with all the ads. Enigma's Charm doesn't have +10 ACC so its hit chance is slightly lower but it's 1/encounter.
  • If you get Shame or Glory and Cladhaliath (with marking) or clone one of them with with the Helwax Mold you can give a +20 marking bonus instead of +10. 
  • Also works very well with a Cipher instead of a Fighter: no knockdown, but you can cast anything on the enemy. Especially if you combine Borrowed Instinct with Tactical Meld (on the Paladin): +30 ACC on top

6 Priests:

  • Priest casts Devotions
  • all Priests cast Aggrandizing + Inspiring Radiance
  • all Priests cast Minor Avatar
  • all Priests cast Shining Beacon with +10 INT, +10 MIG and +90 ACC (+10 from PER, +60 from Radiance, +20 from Devotions) --> delete even the atoms of the enemies from existence
  • variant with one Wizard or Druid for CC and nuking: also nice
  • if enemies are vessels then Radiance alone will evaporate everything (if not fire immune)

 Paladin with Outworn Buckler + Chanter with Little Savior:

  • Chanter summons Skeletons, chants Blessed Was Wengridh + Comrades
  • Paladin kills skeletons and triggers Inspiring Triumph
  • Chanter keeps summoning if skeletons are all down --> endless flow of Inspiring Triumph --> party has stackable +5(Buckler) +5(Little Saviour) +10(Wengridh + Comrades) +7(Inspiring Triumph) = +27 to fortitude/will/reflex and +17 to deflection at all times with no per-rest resource costs
  • spells etc. like Shields for the Faithful can stack on top

Surely there's more but I have to go... ;)




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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Slightly different take on the topic, but here goes:

With Cloak of Minor Missiles (+5 Burn/Shock DR), Wyrwood Ring (+5 Freeze/Corrode DR), Blunting Belt (+5 Slash/Pierce DR), and Crush-Proofed Armor, you can have +5 DR to all damage types but Crush, which is +3 (there is not +5 Crush in the game) for maximum DR with minimal slots allocated. 

Deckhand's Uniform (+9 Deflection/Reflexes), Munacra Arret (+12 Will), and Father's Teeth (+18 Fortitude) for insane defenses. Little Savior can bring these up by 5. Noteworthy for not requiring ring slots (of keen interest to Wizards).

Cloak of Comfort's +5 All Defenses stacks with other bonuses, so something as simple as Ring of Protection (+9 all non-Deflection defenses), Ring of Deflection (+9 Deflection), Little Savior, and Cloak of Comfort can be a whooping +19 to all defenses.

Alternatively, you can save a lot of attribute points and gear slots by purposefully tanking (pun not originally intended) Deflection, as shown in concept by mosspit's The Untank. While Barbarian is a natural fit (and using Sanguine Plate to get around Maneha choosing Barbaric Yell at level 1 works wonders), this concept also works well for off-tank roles like Melee Ranger, or even bulky Rogue (Reckless Assault becomes pure upside).

To add on to Boeroer's comments on Deathblows/Deep Wounds spell Rogues, because of their natural synergy with AoE Blunt/Pierce/Slash spells, they make great use of gear that procs them such as Sabre of the Seas, The Grey Sleeper, Echoing Misery, Swaddling Sheet, Siegebreaker Gauntlets, Nidhen's Finger, White Crest Armor, Bittercut, and The Colored Coat. The ones listed are AoEs, fixing one of the Rogue's "problem areas", and some, such as Nidhen's Finger and White Crest Armor, can make for extremely powerful openers as you inflict the entire enemy force (in some cases) with Deep Wounds.

As mentioned in Boeroer's Zeblastian Hurtstacker Wizard's Phantoms can use Spellbinds on Rings, making them the ideal choice for things like Ring of Searing Flames, Ring of Unshackling, and Sigil of the Arcane.

A Paladin with Outworn Buckler, and two party members with Little Savior can grant the whole party +15 to all defenses.

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