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I have not heard of a creation kit being planned but I think even with out one there is enough smart savvy people who understand the Unreal 4 engine that they could mod without one.  The real question to me is will there be enough interest 3 months from now in TOW to motivate them to apply their skills?

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2 hours ago, Latexdo11 said:

It is under M$ patronage. Looking at Windows Store and encryption protection, which doesn't even let you use ReShade etc. It is unlikely.

Well, under 2K to be precise for OW1. 

Third Person View and Mod support is something that was stated to be not supported for OW1 due to financial limitations, with hope to expand the scope of the game for the potential sequel. 

Modders can’t be given access to tools Obs is using, and creating mod support is an undertaking which seems unlikely. I don’t know how much a committed modded can do. According to Long War folk, quite a bit.

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