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What happens if a non-gamer plays this

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Yesterday was the start of my first experience with Obsidian games. I didn't feel like the character creation was particularly difficult and I could agree that the section pertaining to character appearance seems mystifying if playing only in first person but I can overlook it. The creator of the video(and I did watch it) seems overly critical and dramatic of the game, almost as if he has an personal vendatta against Obsidian games.

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I'm too lazy to watch it fully, but two things:

1. When he applies his skill points - I agree this screen is not good. Didn't know where exactly to click at first myself.

2. Character face creation is ... ok, I guess. But he is right, it really doesn't matter anything, because you never see your face unless you open the character screen. And even then it's zoomed out to the whole character, so you won't see the facer ever again up close.

Everything else in the video looks like trolling.
Other than that I'm a bit confused why the video title is "a non-gamer" when he has uploaded lots of game videos.

That's as far as I've watched it.

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This guy is mental, couldn't finish watching the thing:P

I did agree to the first things though, better explanation on the skills and it would be nice to have 3rd person view:)

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