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  1. It would indeed be nice to have a takedown option while sneaking, that is something i missed.
  2. I was honestly a bit surprised how the game ended so quickly. looking at the planet map there was a lot of other planets i though i would get to visit. I had a really great time playing the game, although some more weapons and armors to choose from would be nice I really hope they will make more content for this. For now it seems to be more of a test game to see how people would like it. Here's hoping it will continue to be expanded upon
  3. This guy is mental, couldn't finish watching the thing:P I did agree to the first things though, better explanation on the skills and it would be nice to have 3rd person view:)
  4. So, i am on the mission , she needs some time to think. after returning from a quick trip of world, the game shuts down after entering Amber Heights and walking a few steps in either direction. No error message or anything, it just shuts down. I tried updating my drivers since i was a version behind, but that didn't work. I am completely stuck on this quest as i can't continue. Update: After doing a lot of other quests i went back, and it didn't happen. so i guess it's at random times?
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