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  1. So i am having a great time with the game, but the building which i like the most needs some work, especially the placement aspect of it. Two things are really bothering me right now, and that is not being able to clip inside terrain and no option to turn off snap. These are the two things that any game with base building in it needs. Some times i can manage to glitch a piece in to a valid position and sometimes it only needs a different angle? And why can't some pieces rotate diagonally? Like the grass door and door frame, only rotates 90 degrees Ooo, and can we get half walls please? I really hope the building will get some more love from the devs.
  2. It would indeed be nice to have a takedown option while sneaking, that is something i missed.
  3. I was honestly a bit surprised how the game ended so quickly. looking at the planet map there was a lot of other planets i though i would get to visit. I had a really great time playing the game, although some more weapons and armors to choose from would be nice I really hope they will make more content for this. For now it seems to be more of a test game to see how people would like it. Here's hoping it will continue to be expanded upon
  4. This guy is mental, couldn't finish watching the thing:P I did agree to the first things though, better explanation on the skills and it would be nice to have 3rd person view:)
  5. So, i am on the mission , she needs some time to think. after returning from a quick trip of world, the game shuts down after entering Amber Heights and walking a few steps in either direction. No error message or anything, it just shuts down. I tried updating my drivers since i was a version behind, but that didn't work. I am completely stuck on this quest as i can't continue. Update: After doing a lot of other quests i went back, and it didn't happen. so i guess it's at random times?
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