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  1. I want to include two things to this 1. A single player, first person view only game, does not need a character customization screen as far as appearance goes. It's a complete waste of programming space which could have been used for other elements. 2. A total inconsistency on instructions at the very beginning of the game. While this game was catered to the Obsidian/Fallout crowd, it doesn't change the facts that it has an onscreen instruction for keybinds on howto walk, crouch, jump and things like that, but failed to include camera control. They also didn't include any form of learning curve so a player gets stuck near the very beginning of the game.
  2. Sorry but all the replies defending this not being in 3rd person are complete bull****! The game already has a 3rd person mode. it was just closed off. I have listed a single key point that prove this. 1. Let the game idol long enough and it automatically enters 3rd person mode where the camera rotates 360 degrees around your character. This happens anywhere in the game which means 3rd person has already been programmed in. Borderlands, the Left 4 Dead, Dying Light, and Dead Island series, and even Bulletstorm were all programmed in 3rd person, then the camera is adjusted to hide the character. So people need to stop defending first person view as if developers have some massive undertaking. 2. The character customization screen has entirely way too much detail and for what? The game is in first person, it's single player, and has no multiplayer mode SO WHO THE HELL IS SEEING YOUR CHARACTER?
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