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  1. I've gotten more than 60 hours out of TOW already. Game has multiple endings as well as different routes you can take.
  2. Im a gamer I don't really care where I get my games from. If a system or whatever has a game i want then im buying it. Don't care if its MS, PS, Epic, Steam, gamefly or a trash can. Anyone who complains about where they can buy their games just isn't a true gamer.
  3. Depends on your reputation. Im assuming by pioneer ship you mean the Groundbreaker. If your reputation for Groundbreaker isnt totally negative then sleep on your ship for 3 or 4 game days to "let things cool down" then enter groundbreaker.
  4. There is one part in a quest where you only have to flip a switch
  5. I can see the feeding/watering/etc Mechanics for supernova and hard mode but i would say leave it out of normal and story mode. Casuals do play this game so putting it in normal mode would just dampen game play. And keep it out of story cause no one playing for story is gonna want to spend most of their time feeding their character when they're only there for story.
  6. Good to know. I only ever bothered to change their weapons so never went to in depth into their menu.
  7. Thats cause of bad lighting graphics in the game. Ever notice how most npc's left ears light up like a Christmas tree when talking to them? Thats why.
  8. You can fly the ship once in the game but i can't go further into detail cause of spoilers. Just know you can fly it once >:)
  9. Some items in vending machines are not the same brand of that machine. BTW Spacers Choice is a subsidiary of UDL which is otherwise known as "The Board" raising reputation with the board should unlock those items
  10. Mine always go into melee mode so i gave up and just keep em around as cannon fodder and for dialogue.
  11. I watched some of that video. Couldn't finish watching because the more i watched the more I wanted to punch that guy in the mouth. He was acting like all new gamers are complete morons. Ridiculous
  12. Well thats useful. Better than shooting him dead before entering the room i suppose. I'll give it a try next playthrough
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