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1 hour ago, hilfazer said:

Any good?


1. Yes (though, if you don't like the tone it may not work for you)

2. Yes and no. Game has a very all sides approach to it. Especially depending on how you play it. If you dig deeper almost everyone has their downsides as well as their upsides and you are free to approach it however you want. So, while theres *woke* stuff in it you never get it forced upon you, it fits the setting and its handled respectfully well. Think how well New Vegas handled gay and bi charachters in 2010.

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I have been watching some streamers play as I like to see others reaction to things I have already seen.  I noticed a lot of them actually seem to get upset with Spacer's Choice policy and mind frame, not in a that is messed up but actually start lecturing about how poorly Edgewater is ran.  To me if you can get someone to buy in enough that they feel personally affronted about the indentured servitude and mismanagement of a fictional place you did a good job creating your universe.

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