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Obsidian games on Gamepass?


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Hi everyone. I'm newly joined here in this community. Looking forward greatly to The Outer Worlds on Gamepass in 13 hours. 


But I was wondering if anyone here in the community knows when Pillars Of Eternity will come to Gamepass? 


All of MS first party studios games are on Gamepass. I understand Obsidian are a fairly new MS studio. But does anyone know any info on Obsidian games like Pillars coming to Gamepass? 



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I don't think any such announcement was make. Regarding the question: does Microsoft own rights to Pillars Of Eternity? If I remember well PoE IP wasn't actually Obsidians - it was owned by Dark Rock Industries Limited, owned by Feargus Uquhart, CEO of Obsidian. I imagine it is a scheme of protecting PoE IP in case there were troubles with Obsidian.


My question would be? Did they sell PoE IP together with Obsidian? Or is PoE IP "borrowed" or "rented" to Obsidian whenever they do another game. While I find it unthinkable that Obsidian new owners might need to come to agreement to add their studio's flagship IP to their gamepass, it is also a possibility. 


EDIT: I answered my own question by reading a bit more of the thread I attatched :-D.

They merged for an aquisition, meaning Microsoft does own PoE. It might come to pass at some point, but I don't remember hearing anything about it. 

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