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Support 32:9 Widescreen??

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And here I am all proud that I have a 21:9 screen.


I think recent UE4 games typically support ultrawide resolutions on release. I assume even if they're not supported right out of the box, ultrawide resolutions will be added in rather quickly by some enterprising people.

Not sure if 32:9 is a different ball game in terms of support, though.

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I have a 5120x1440 (32:9 aspect ratio) monitor.  Even with the FOV slider set to max (120) the game is very zoomed in.  After playing it for a while, I'm feeling like I'm carsick.  

Going to play with the resolutions and see if I can find a happy medium.  

Sad that I can't utilize all the capabilities of my new monitor.  


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