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5.0 POTD (upscaled) with story companions... is it possible?

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My party:

1. Eder - Fighter - tank.

2. Pallegina - Paladin or Crusader - offtank + dps.

3. Xoti - Priest - buffs + heal.

4. Aloth or Tekehu.

Aloth - Wizard - aoe dps and some cc.

Tekehu - i wanna try a pure Chanter - summoner.

5. Main char.

Monk or Barbarian.

Monks are op. Too much damage in late game. Have summons and defensive abilities.

But i love barbarians. In PoE 2 we have a funny subclass for roleplay - Corpse-eater. I think this is the best option for a chaotic evil character. And we have special food🥩.

So what do you think about my party? Can i kill megabosses? Pls your advices.


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Absolutely doable. Always remember that official companions are +1 lvl above hirelings which gives them an advantage in the early game. And once you gained some levels it doesn't make that much of a difference anymore that their stats and classes aren't minmaxed. 

Pallegina can also be a Herald. I mention it because it is considered to be one of the best tank/offtank class combos if you don't like to micro all of your party members all the time. You can stack Exalted Endurance and Ancient Memory. This makes for a great passive healing aura for the whole party. She will have less engagement slots than a Crusader though.

Tekehu can't be played as a summoner. His subclass "Stormspeaker" loses all summoning invocations.

However... he gains Avenging Storm at PL 8. If you are open for unusual suggestions: try him it with Hand Mortar (Blinding Smoke) + Fire in the Hole (Chain Shot) and Sure-Handed Ila (maybe combines with Mith Fyr if you can manage to neatly overlap both with lots of INT). It's absolutely devastating. Mostly because Blinding Smoke - although not doing damage by itself - triggers Avenging Storm. And you will proc a lot of Blinding Smoke rolls.  Especially if you use Killers Froze Stiff (crit conversion) and Ben Fidel's Neck (-10 to all defenses). Guns + spells is a great combo anyway since you can always skip reload and cast a spell immediately. Deltro's Cage will improve his shocking invocations just fine (including Avenging Storm). Of course this nice combo comes late so you have to make sure to find some fun while getting there. But since he has some great offensive invocations that shouldn't be hard. 

Corpse Eater is a bit underbalanced because of that +1 Rage cost (which doubles the cost for his go-to ability Frenzy and also the PL9-shouts which otherwise would be extremely cost-effective). But in encounters with kith and wilders it's good. I think even with 2 Rage Driving Roar is still plenty good if you combine it with Blood Surge and Blood Thirst and of course the +2 Power Level from forbidden flesh pie and such. Afaik the Corpse-Eater-only bonus to Power Level stacks with universal Power-Level buffs. 

You could also play a Monk/Corpse Eater by the way. For example Forbidden Fist/Corpse Eater. That way you can attack with wound-driven abilities but use the Rage for Frenzy and then the nice passives of the Corpse Eater. You can use a Morning Star (apologies - I suggest that a lot) - it works very well with Barbarians (Brute Force) and also Monk. Monk has Force of Anguish which targets Fortitude. Morning Stars lowers Fortitude by 25 points. Monks can also weaken with Envervating BLows - Forbidden Fist can enfeeble with his base ability. Lowers fortitude by another 10 points. And finally the Barb can use Spirit Frenzy to stagger opponents on hit, lowering Fortitude by another 10. Your opponents will have -45 fortitude and then you can use Force of Anguish to target that. Combine with Swift Flurry (and later Heartbeat Drumming) to generate a lot of additional attack rolls. Once you get Brute Force you can do that with all attack abilites.  The Willbreaker is an awesome weapon in general. Also Force of Anguish + Carnage have that werid synergy where the target gets hit by FoA first and then again by Carnage (because the victim gets pushed into the Carnage AoE). This actually raises the dps of Force of Anguish quite a bit. 

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I would make Xoti a Priest/Monk: she becomes a decent damage dealer, but loses some cool PL8 abilities (Spark the Souls, Hand of Weal and Woe and Crowns for the Faithful). If you really need them for specific battles, make Vatnir a pure priest and use him instead. He doesn't have Symbol of Eothas, though.

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