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Damn!  Spoiled myself.  Not your fault, brother!  Just wasn't careful enough in a subforum that includes a spoiler warning.  On the other hand, the prospect of being able to talk my way out of the final battle appeals to me greatly!  I love games that allow for that.

"Not for the sake of much time..."

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you can talk down both major encounters in Beast, I believe it is possible not to have to fight the final battle in SSS, if you fulfill very specific requirements. 

I am unaware of any possibility that would avoid battling with Oracle. Fyoncleg isn’t keen on negotiation.

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I'm currently playing trough FS, and the unavoidable eventually of having to fight a crazed archmage empowered Oracle seems daunting. So far i have been able to beat the Sanctum's bosses handly in upscalled veteran with a full party, (even if they took some atempts each, more suprisingly NovNok), but if anything, the first Oracle fight was annoying (the laser spam specailly) and i don't really know if i'm going to be able to defeat a more poweful version of it without losing my nerves.

I'm preparing for it as much as i can (stocking up on scrolls of Witting wind, high level potions, and figurines). Time will tell if i succeed.

Edit: Battle Report

I managed to defeat the Oracle in my 3rd attempt, much to my surprise in what essentially was supposed to be a test run at the fight.

I retreated to a corner of the map and spawned every figurine and summonable i had, wich alongside Eder took care of most of the minions and tanked the Oracle's laser beams. The scrolls of Witting wind and great maelstrom were the MVPs, casted almost non-stop by Aloth, Xoti (bettween heals) and Fassina they progresively drained the health of the Oracle and the minions, while my Cipher ran around shotting the minions and buffing the party. When the last minion droped, the Oracle was nearly dead and my pary was mostly intact. Aloth petrified it (in a very humorous pose) and the party blasted it with everything they could.

Hopefully this recap will help those that want to beat the Oracle :)


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On 10/31/2019 at 5:19 AM, Uburian said:

Aloth petrified it (in a very humorous pose) and the party blasted it with everything they could.

Yeah, the surprising MVP for some of these harder fights is that if they're not actually immune to dex afflictions or body afflictions and are merely resistant, Petrify is A+ because it counts as a tier-4 affliction and will be resisted down to a "mere" paralyze (which is functionally identical), and the wizard AL9 petrification is still permanent at near death.

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