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I am looking to mix up builds and trying to understand how competitive 2handers are with DW. I started looking at doing a 2h Bezerker multi but DW just seems the better way to go (not even factoring in  Modwyr). 

Is there are a class combo that is particularly effective/fun to use 2h with that wouldn't be just as effective/better switching to DW?

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Morningstar Modal + Barbarian Brute Force / Fighter's Clear Out are really great.

Wizard Spiritlance is the best AoE weapon of the game. Wahai Pokora and Whispers of thé Endless Path are nice AoE too. All of them work great with status inflicting attacks.

Axe are very solid weapon type due to their awesome modal and there's a couple ones that are 2 handed.

Lord Dalryn Voulge ans Chromoprismatic Staff are great to boost some spells and the later is a great weapon in general.

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Berkserker/black jacket with willbreaker, voulge and oathbreaker is awesome. Clear out with morningstar modal debuff and prone many targets, voulge quickly kills large groups (carnage hits triggers avenging storm from scroll and static thunder that also disorients), oathbreaker deals with single tough foe. For last weapon set use scordeos edge/modwyr combo (clear out with edge builds adaptive very fast and modwyr prevents confusion) or red hand to interrupt caster (arquebus with modal crits most of the times and barbarian passive ability interupt on crits)

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