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  1. I am looking to mix up builds and trying to understand how competitive 2handers are with DW. I started looking at doing a 2h Bezerker multi but DW just seems the better way to go (not even factoring in Modwyr). Is there are a class combo that is particularly effective/fun to use 2h with that wouldn't be just as effective/better switching to DW?
  2. Thank you all for responding with so much information, I don't know how I never noticed the specific details on gamepedia - I guess in googling things I usually ended up on fextralife and didn't realize the difference. With the Monk stuff, I do have the community patch installed, but never thoughtfully considered what a ranged cipher/monk would look like now that turning wheel was working again. So many different weapon/class combinations to try out, I've been really trying to resist constantly restarting or unity console class changes. Is there a particular encounter or series of
  3. I am currently playing as Ascendant/Streetfighter and trying to understand a few different ranged weapon options. I have hand mortar/kitchen stove on one set and then switch to another ranged weapon after heating up, but I am having difficulty understanding the real DPS differences between a few options. Blunderbusses don't feel as though they penetrate enough to ramp up focus and it feels faster switching to either Essence Interrupter, Red Hand, Frost Seeker, Spear Caster, or Water Shaper Focus. Red Hand is my usual goto when things aren't pierce resistant, but Essence Interrupter feel
  4. Thanks to everyone for responding. A few follow ups! 1. Just focusing on the weapon/crit side of this, if I'm trying to decide between Fighter and Monk, it looks the real decision point is between Discipline Strike/Clear Out vs Swift Flurry/HBD? 2. Sounds like Sun/Moon is the best weapon to use until Scordero's Edge, and at that point, it seems like I should dual wield? Before hand is it better to just go 1h with Sun/Moon? 3. @Boeror - What was the setup you were using with Black Jacket that helped in the crit generation? 4. Focusing beyond just weapon/crit side, would goi
  5. For whatever I got it into my head I wanted to do a build that spammed offensive chanter invocations (lighting, paralyze, etc early, frost later). This Les me to look at skalds, and I downloaded the true skald mod to make skalds a bit more usable but not op. Where I am stuck is deciding what multi-class and weapon setup would be the best way to ensure this character gets reliable crits in combat to feed the invocations without being too vulnerable (this will likely be 1 of 2 front liners, eder being the other). Im particularly torn on whether 1handed is worth it over dw, it reads like it
  6. Alright, so it really seems like helwalker adds alot to this then. Between the speed from swift flurry and the acc/damage from dance of death/helwalker passive. Which leaves me trying to figure out whether to focus more on crit/frostseeker and go sharpshooter, or devoted for the passives/+pen? Lastly, how worthwhile is considering adding cipher somewhere in this? I am assuming ascendent makes sense, auto attack with hunterbow modal then dump out spells once ascended. If I were to go this route, what other class makes the best pairing? Still helwalker?
  7. I am also trying to figure out what would be an interesting/potd viable ranged dps build. My current thought is devoted/troubadour, planning on using frostseeker. My thought was to go devoted for the great passives, and since I will be mostly auto attacking, thought that passive auras (particular recovery speed on ranged) and occasional summons would work well. My concern was that not pairing with rogue, ranger, or cipher would hurt my damage too much to make this a good idea on PoTD? Also, I have seen that ranged DPS builds with Monk were really good prior to 1.1, does Monk reall
  8. This is my first play-through for Deadfire and I am looking to make a melee dps/offtanky character that is has a reasonable amount of abilities to use but isn't super-micro intensive. With that in mind, helwalker/wayfarer seemed like an interesting combo since the helwalker should put out damage while the paladin/wayfarer abilities would cover the helwalker's extra damage-taken and let me stand up in the front lines. At that point however, my lack of knowledge about the deeper mechanics of the game has really paralyzed me in figuring out how to build. From reading this forums it defini
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