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Lord Admiral Imp not able to be done without aggroing every guard in Queen's Berth.

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Turn-based and playing with a party of my character (Chanter+Fighter), Xoti (Priest), Serafen (Cipher), Eder (Fighter) and Aloth (Wizard), and doing the bounty for the Lord Admiral Imp is literally impossible unless I aggro every guard in the city. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason why it's happening; I was selecting a buff for Xoti to cast, and before even ending her turn all the guards suddenly aggro'd.

This is getting very infuriating. Does anyone know what I can do to solve this? I have a feeling this is a bug that's never going to get fixed, considering people were talking about it since May. 😕

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It's very annoying and somewhat tricky, but doable. Rule No 1, no hostile AoEs whatsoever (it'd be best to swap Serafen and his wild mind for, say, Maia or Rekke). Two, the guards seem to give exactly zero sh†ts about turn-based mode and will keep patrolling right through your fight and it's safe to wait for them to bugger off before initiating the round. 

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This bug appear in Turn Based only. As far as I know the issue are random civilians who spot the combat and put guards on alert. Before this happens guards seem to ignore your fights unless you got them. 

Both fights are easily doable though.

For the imp, put your party down on the pier, as far away from street as possible and lure enemies to you. 

For the fight on the Sacred Stair after initiating combat get downstairs near the entrance to Hanging Sepulchers. That should be enough to avoid attention.

Never had issues with the fight in Dunage. 

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It's tactics...  Normally, I would have deployed Maia in "Overwatch" using her (legendary) Dragon's Drowry in twin-strike picking off enemies as needed... but at the Sacred Stair, she goes in, dual-weapon, melee-style much quieter... just like my rogue. I also back my wizard into the left side in the alcove away from the sight line of the guards.  I position each player adjacent to each of the party members and strike each quickly with a huge blow... It's over quickly... very.  Same goes for the Imp - I agree, positioning members out on the pier, again, no noise (bombs or gunfire) just devastating, incapacitating blows...  all of this on turn based...  the guards just stood there...   preparation is everything.

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Just had this happen with Shrimp, the singing sailors outside the Wild Mare, a Valera quest ... six Neketaka guard descended after the battle began and cost me reputation with the city. So I reloaded just prior, no guards. Turn-based is awesome but there are definitely some bugbears.

All Stop. On Screen.

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