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Obvious subjectivity warning. Also I couldn't see a mod sub forum but it might be a mobile issue so pre apologies.


I'd like the ability to shift hotkey an ability into the buffered sequence instead of only being able to shift mouse click. If that makes sense. Would save on apm (actions per minute) and allow me to play with more smoothness and much less pausing. Is it possible to mod this however?

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11 hours ago, QuiteGoneJin said:

Eh? Hotkeys are already a thing. But you can't shift click them to add them to sequence. I want that. Badly.

I meant no idea how and if the Shift-Key could be done, I wasn't saying what are hotkeys.

You had also asked about the Modding Forum, so added link.

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After playing so much multiclassed priest/wizard and overbuffing yourself into oblivion you reach a point where you do not even see any new buffs because the number of buffs reaches the bottom of your screen. My suggestions:

- "scroll-able" active buffs that you can look at while fighting, I am sick of opening character summary to look at ALL my current effects. I simply have too many of them

- OR, probably the easier solution, being able to manually display specific buffs/effects

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