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17 minutes ago, daven said:

I have been to Thailand about 5 times and I still never once tried a durian... everyone put me off it.

I didn't try either but a couple of days ago I had a long discussion about Durian with the waiter at a Thai restaurant. My wive did try, and I want to try at least once in my life. There are a lot of asian shops in my neighborhood so I could try easily, but I still sort of fear it. 

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Doubt it. Tekehu calls one of the Wahaki Mataru ladies something like "My plump Koiki", which  -- in case if Koiki = Durian -- would translate to "You stink worse than 10 Bariks from "Tyranny", also, you're fat." and she doesn't chop him into sharkbait chum. So can't be Durian. 

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the game said:

Known as "corpse fruit" to most foreigners, this fleshy melon is a common staple among the Huana. Nutritious but stinky, it can be eaten fresh or dried.

Its description resembles that of Durian.


Its shape is the same as Durian's.


Koīki is valuable for Huana (see Plucked Fruit quest) and also has some positive cultural annotations to it. It's to the Huana what potatoes were for the Prussians ;).
So it might be a huge compliment to call somebody a Koīki. Also being plump can be good thing in certain cultures. Most likely being plump is a desirable thing in Huana culture because it shows wealth. Roparu are not plump...

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