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Hi guys! Do you think is possible to complete all the game including Megabosses with a single class Beguiler on POTD solo?

I enjoy the idea of a pure caster casting Deception spells for CC and focus gain and then using damaging spells. 

I've tried to use the following stats:

Pale Elf

Mig 8 (10 BB)

Con 6 (8 BB)

Dex 18 (20 BB)

Per 20 (22 BB)

Int 18 (20 BB)

Res 8 (10 BB)

I've tried to use dagger (modal) with shield but I have problems with survability at the first island, don't know if later will be easier.

Could you please recommend me how to build the character? Stats, equipment, spells, skills...


Thank you so much :)

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Thank you Boerer for the response. Do you think is possible to complete the game including Megabosses? Any advice about stats, equipment, skills, spells...? I've tried to change Res up to 20 (10 more deflection at start) and I'm a little less fragil, but not much and I'm thinking about if later 20 Res instead of 10 will be noticiable. I prefer to cast as fast as possible spells with lot of accuracy and duration. Another option could be 18/8/18/18/18/10 (with BB) for more damage and better fortitude for the spells that targets fortitude.


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6 hours ago, Tetsu said:

 Do you think is possible to complete the game including Megabosses?

Megabosses have many immunities/resistances and very high resolve meaning you won't be able to CC them (without mentioning you will run out of focus very fast against them).

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Solo Cipher vs. (lone) Megabosses is difficult in general.

Like Kaylon said: focus generation is often difficult except against Belranga. For every Cipher and especially for a Beguiler since he will often miss with a Deception and his Soul Whip is not as powerful (against unafflicted enemies). Even a Psion (who would be the ideal candidate to gain focus without having to hit anything) doesn't work well because of his lame "focus generation stops if you take a hit" mechanic.

In general a solo playthrough requires heavy metagaming, grind and often tedious an/orcheesy tactics that I don't find particularly entertaining - so I'm not an expert on PotD solo. I did do some runs with several builds just to see how they fare - but I didn't complete a lot of them. I believe only two. One Geomancer and one SC Monk iirc. I like the Beguiler subclass (as single class char) a lot in a party but haven't tried it solo.

Resolve: In general (unlike other values with potentially diminishing returns like accuracy) deflection bonuses have increasing returns. So the higher you go the more impact every single point has. A difference of 10 points via 20 RES at the start of the game might not feel as significant as let's say an increase of 10 ACC (through 20 PER). But later, once you add Borrowed Instincts and other sources of deflection it could have a lot bigger impact on your survivability and performance. In the early game I would charm the heck out of everything that can be charmed to be honest. It makes the early game a lot more easy since it's basically removing one enemy and turning him into a "summon" at the same time. Just don't attack the charmed enemy: nor will it give you focus neither will it stay charmed.


Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Single class Beguiler can not beat the megabosses unless you find a way to heavily abuse consumables.

Cipher in general is not good in Deadfire especially against Megabosses, Borrowed Instincts is not as good in this game as it was in Poe1, since it's an effect on the enemy and not on yourself there is no way to indefinitely prolong it, and as Kaylon already said the megabosses add insult to injury with their high resolve making it last even shorter.

Best cipher vs Dorudugan and Ooze would be Soulblade, since they have relatively weak deflection, but if someone beat them with a single class I'd be very surprised, since PL 8+9 doesn't add anything significant to deal with them.

Spider and Sigilmaster would probably hopeless with any sc cipher even tho they technically are the easiest megabosses.

Multiclass would be different with something like a priest, but the cipher wouldn't be adding anything to megaboss fights, unless soulblade once again.

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Maybe Belranga is doable with the beguiler - you charm/dominate the little spiders who will end by killing her eventually. For Dorudugan you can try to run around and shoot him with a bow. For Hauani it might be possible to charm the small oozes from the symbiote and use them as distractions while you shoot the boss with the Essence Interrupter.

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Thank you guys for your responses :)

I've made a simple quick but maybe wrong maths and I think I could reach about 130-140 accuraccy with Deception spells plus if they land, the enemy's Will could be decreased by about 70 (with club modal included) and resolve by about 15. That's about 200 accuraccy total. Belranga has 222 Will but the problem then is to land fortitude based damage spells 😕

I'll do some more tests with this class.

It would be nice if you could cast Whisper of Treason on enemies without leaving stealth. Don't know if is possible using +20% range of Beguiler + 20% of talent and high stealth (not for megabosses). But I don't think so.

Maybe could be possible with multiclass Ghost Heart? Ranger abilities will be only the ones that increase pet survavility, your accuraccy and reload time. But enjoy more the idea of a pure caster.

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The range doesn't matter casting at an enemy will break stealth.

A bloodmage/cipher can actually charm from Arkemyr's brilliant departure without breaking it, never tried it with rogues invis (it does not work with priests version of it but rogues is actually better even tho it has the same name)

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You should be aware that there are many enemies with Immunity: Mind.  Many Deception spells have the Mind keyword, which means those enemies will be entirely immune to those spells.  Oozes and Imps come immediately to mind, and I’m sure there are many others.

Ciphers do have some decent AoE spells, but many of them require bouncing off of a teammate so they are entirely useless for a solo run.

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