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Hello Obsidian Entertainment,

I'm sure I am not alone when I say I would like to see realistic scope mechanics in OuterWorlds. I hope the developers look at this and take a page from modders books and just make the base game have realistic scopes, which means to me, No-Overlays when looking through scopes, just straight up first-person scope sights without the bloody black box with a dodgy scope artwork in the middle. please please please support me on this one ladies and gents.

Much love, OverlordTJ

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I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest there will be a 99.9% chance of unrealistic scopes in TOW.

It is a sci-fi game, after all.

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I guess there are a bunch of different ways to parse "realistic scopes".   If we're just taking about simulating the loss of peripheral vision as the character uses a long-range scope, sure.  Black out the screen and minimize the HUD.  I'd imagine reflex scopes would leave the UI relatively unchanged due to two-eyed use.

But if this is just about scopes in general.... I say bring on the sci-fi weapons!  The game is set 250 years in the future, in space, and on multiple planets.  It would be immersion-breaking in a whole host of different ways if our space optics behaved in ways comparable to contemporary glass.

Projectile vs. Energy Weapons, varying gravities and atmospheric densities; it would be hard for future weapons remain practical without some technological magic assisting the user.  We're already on the leading edge of that with TrackingPoint, which automatically calculates range to estimate drop and drag.  

The future of scopes is already here, and it's got a colorful HUD...  and wifi!  🤷‍♂️


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