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Does Deadfire contain references to Hiravias, the Grieving Mother, Zahua and Sagani?

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Zahua is incorporated as a subclass. 

Hiravias is referred to indirectly by Aloth, in conversation with Serafen.  Something like "You're not the first ill-mannered Orlan to suggest [sexystuff involving Iselmyr]."


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33 minutes ago, xzar_monty said:

Wow! Very good, thank you. I found the boreal dwarves on Deadfire, but Sagani was not referred to. Neither has there been any mention of the Grieving Mother.

There is a trible of boreal dwarves, but we don't visit Naasitaq.

Both Sagani and Grieving Mother had rather contained personal stories in PoE1, moreover all but Watcher perceived Grieving Mother as a random peasant woman. On some level it would be nice to gave something related to Sagani, as she was one of my favourite companions in PoE1, but at the same time it fits for them to not be further involved in those Deadfire shaping events. 

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8 hours ago, Wormerine said:

There is pretty direct mention of Hiravias in one of the books in Forgotten Sanctum DLC. As everything in this DLC the accuracy of the information is questionable:



There is another book to in the Forgotten Sanctum that refers to the Autumn Stelagar ... I think that is definitely Hiravias yeah - I don't totally remember all the lore?

“How do you 'accidentally' kill a nobleman in his own mansion?"

"With a knife in the chest. Or, rather, a pair of knives in the chest...”

The Final Empire, Mistborn Trilogy

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